Saturday, July 7, 2012

A peek inside my inspiration notebook :)

I have bought some re-issued magazines last week (Lucky, Elle, Red to name a few). I went crazy flipping through pages upon pages full of colors!. Next thing, they were all ended up in my notebook! LOL.

Take a peek inside my inspiration notebook. Here are some pages of the 'color galore' I was talking about;

I find inspiration (colors & designs) mostly from what the models were wearing. Secretly hoping I could design my own fabric. LOVE the composition, so much fun!. Doodle around your focal point/image. I think it works for layout too. And that little inset showing my humble sketchbook :).

It's an A5 re-cycled scout book, made of 250 gsm palm paper. I have painted mine with some gesso & yellow ink, doodled, added some washi tapes and a skeleton key ... you name it. "Bells of New York City" is a Josh Groban song and I just thought it is perfect for the cover :). 

I hope you'll keep one yourself. If you like to keep magazine clippings in shoe boxes, that's fun too. Just splash some paint on it.



  1. Oh, this is yummy! I too collect magazine inspiration! I have clippings in a drawer for focal points on collage pages, and for texture and color, too. Magazines took on a whole new purpose for me, once I began journaling! And thank you again...!! I am excited!

    1. Art journal does that to me too, I began looking at magazines with different eyes now :)

  2. WOW, what fun you've had with these. I have the first clipping of the nailart,they are soooo cool!!

    Also love the big letters in WHITE, that would make a fun title.

    The striped dress is super cute!

    Great job on all these inspirational pieces you have now to play with. I do have some clippings but they don't make it to my journals to often. This is one area that I just can't seem to get right. Love seeing yours though. Will have to get mine out and try again.
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

    1. Thanks so much, Dawn. I sometimes say to myself that there is no right or wrong with art :). That way, I still feel good after making any 'mistakes', they give us opportunity to be creative.

  3. Sorry forgot to mention how AWESOME AND AMAZING your journal cover is. Great job and I like the title on it.

  4. That nail colours are candies!
    Awesome notebook too! Hehe...and I've seen it! Full of goodness...!

  5. great effect with the city scene & the dripping yellow ink. it's fun to see your inspirations. :)

  6. great effect with the city scene & the dripping yellow ink. it's fun to see your inspirations. :)


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