Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ever tried stamping on tulle netting?

Sweet friends,
I think tulle nets are hard to work with, even to stitch on them. So, I tried stamping it with acrylic paint and India ink. These, making me so excited ;

Stamping with black India ink.

Looks like cross-stitch :). Love.

This one was stamped with gesso and some green acrylic paint.

Honey-comb texture for dragon flies?. Cool.

Since this work so well, I decided to create something quick. Like ATCs!. Sheer ATCs. Although, needed to add linen & pattern papers as background, to make them less flimsy. You've guessed it, I took inspiration from my post before :).

And this adorable pattern paper from American Craft (Dream Catcher) sets the theme for my sheer ATCs.

The completed, sheer ATCs.

I stacked a few pieces of tulle nets with linen fabric at the very back. This helps to give weight & structure to the sheer materials. Then fussy cut some paper jars and glued them down to the stacked fabrics. Over it, laid a piece of a stamped tulle net at the very top and then stitched around the jars. Lastly, added sheer lace & floral fabrics. 

Wonder if anyone has ever built a glass bird house?

The paper jar backing helps us to see the butterfly better.

Found the bird in a magazine.

Can you spot the dragonfly, here ?.

Stamped artist's info detail at the back of all ATCs.

I'm using many sweet colors to celebrate Springtime. I noticed the trees in park here are blooming like crazy too. Despite the hot weather :). Here's what I saw recently at the park;

I guess, the spirit of the spring season in northern latitude does bring love, hope and cheer to the whole world :). Warm HUGS to you who lives in the snowy region.

Monday, March 25, 2013

look what I found yesterday?

Dear friends,
how was your weekend?. I spent a good part of yesterday at the flea market in town. Just enjoying the good weather and be inspired by all these old treasures. Learned a thing or two on pieces I haven't seen before. And going down the memory lane as I walked pass some of childhood things and toys :). That was the best part.

Second best part was bringing home stuff!. Look what I found. Super tiny glass bottles and a cool Bond bag. Ha!. 

The name is Bond :). HOT storage.

This is what I called, an ugly beauty. 

It's an old traveling make up bag, I think. Small & flat enough for easy packing. I just thought that it would be perfect to keep small drawings or postcards.

LOVE the green hues. They are the closest I could get to sea glass :). They stand about 1" to 1.5" tall. Cute.

They could be old Chinese ointment bottles. Can't wait to use them in my art!.

They do remind me of my favorite movie, 'Message In A Bottle'. How neat to hide secret notes in them, and wear them as pendants. Or keep them in old books' windows. Do you have favorite ways to use old bottles?. 

I took some photos from the indoor flea market;

Aerial view of Amcorp Mall, where the flea market is held every Saturday & Sunday. Red tables with goodies on all four floors!.

Joe's Mac; they buy & sell new/used art, and collectibles.

Love old tiffins, my grandmother used to pack food in these :).

Look at that funky bottles. Wish I know how to make little ships.

Dainty old china.

Boys & men love these!!. I'm not kidding :). 

There are more lovely things to see in here. The food is great too. I LOVE having shaved ice, sitting in the corner of the restaurant facing the lake. And sketch!. Someday, I'll take you here for a tour :). Have a great Monday everyone!. HUGS.

Friday, March 15, 2013

a walk we will go

Hello there,
I love astronomy, stargazing, E.Ts and Ancient Aliens series, of course! :). Today, I like to share some photos I took from my recent visit to the National Planetarium. It is located on a hill, surrounded by beautiful nature and just a few minutes walk from the Botanical Garden. And I'm lucky to live just half an hour walk from this place :). This year, the planetarium is celebrating it's 19th birthday. Grab a cuppa, get comfortable and lets tour!;

The entrance to the National Planetarium. [Its a pity that they turned off the cascading water fountain].

A sunny, but hazy day out. Quiet a work out to get up here :).

A sun dial. Can you tell what time I got up here?. 
Hint : look at the line shadow :). Yup, 10 am.

Lets check out the tallest part of the building, shall we?. 
The observation deck.

Looking down from the observation deck. On the top left is the National Museum.

LOVE these big trees.

Another wicked tree I saw on the other side of the hill.

Kuala Lumpur skyline from the tower, looking east (I think). I have seen better days with blue sky and whispy clouds.

Lets go inside. There are a lot of cool displays that I can't possibly share here :). Experiments, cool scientific games for the kids, astronomical models & idol astronauts, memorabilia of space travels, Malaysian astronaut & space program, anti-gravity room (I can't stand 2 minutes in there, so dizzy!), space movie theater and lots more.

Mars rover model. Can't believe it is now up there, exploring :).

A movie of the Mars space exploration is shown in the aisle.

Many stunning astronomical photographs displayed in the gallery.

'A Tribute to Neil Armstrong' exhibition in another room.

Humbling words from the man, himself. [Some people believe that moon landing was a hoax]. 

LOVE this model of the International Space Station (ISS). It orbits the Earth, 15 times a day!.

This reminds me a lot of the movie 'Armageddon'.

In the movie, Hollywood blew up the then Russian Space Station (MIR) while the space cowboys refueling their rockets on their way to drill the oncoming asteroid. I have to smile at that.

The Malaysian astronauts. Guys, I'm so proud of ya!. On the left, is a video showing the 'Survival' exercise they did in the Russian wilderness. Only one was selected for the journey though. Dr. Faiz Khaleed and Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar (waving).

A replica of Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar's space suit.

The third astronaut, yours truly. It may be for the kids, but hey, no ones looking. Ha!. 

The best part, watching movies in the Space Theater. And I always get the top seat (just a row above the circle ledge) every single time :).

I can't tell you enough, how amazing it was to sit up there, in partial darkness, surrounded by billions of galaxies in 360 degree view. Humbling. Felt so small. Longing for home.

This picture doesn't do justice. I need to learn taking better pictures in pitch darkness!. We are watching 'Across the Universe: The Voyager', by the way.

And, we were out again. 

This is my favorite spot, sitting underneath the bamboo shades. In the distance, you could almost see the replica of the Stonehenge and another ancient observatory.

I LOVE looking up to the sky. 

On windy days, you can hear the bamboos 'sing'. The soft soothing sound they make when their hollow trunks are brushing againts one another.

I hope you had fun, coming along :). Though our planetarium is tiny compares to that of Houston Johnson's Space Center, but it's a treasure :). With that, wishing you great weekend ahead!. HUGS.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

one way to jazz up old chambray

Hello friends,
Have you ever felt like you have a full closet but nothing to wear?. Yes, I heard ya :). I'm thinking, instead of buying more clothes I won't be wearing any time soon, why don't I re-fashion some of them?. I've got an old chambray shirt from a geology field trip in Utah, several years back. It seriously needs some face-lift :). Been wanting to jazz up old clothes for several months now and last night, I just patched up that old shirt for a start. What fun!.

It started out like this;

Laid a piece of denim patch on the spot I like to cover up.

Layered on top of it, a piece of peach colored tulle. Very much inspired by my 'inspiration sheer' post.

And a little lace goes a long way :).

I stamped 'Eiffel Tower' on the pocket, with intention to sew some beads on it.

Then I temporarily removed this pocket patch from the shirt and started sewing the beads, the lace and all the other details on the loose pocket. Much easier this way. When all is done, only then I sewed the embellished pocket to the shirt, for good. Faux pocket that is, because I sewed all four corners to totally cover the old embroidery :). 

The finished patch.

What do you think?. Happy dance :).

LOVE this quick trick. Paris-street-chic, don't you think?.

Poor collars, they need to be pretty too!. So I sewed tiny beads all over the collars :). Inspired by a clever idea I saw on Pinterest, here. Turning an average collared shirt into a fashion statement.

Something old and something blue!.

I spent about 20 minutes to sew all these tiny beads.

Oh, Hello!.  Me, wearing the 'new chambray' while visiting the National Planetarium today :). 

This is so much fun, felt like a designer already :). HA! Maybe I should patch, rip, bleach, die and stamp my other old jeans now. Endless possibilities!. Do you have any cool techniques to revamp old clothes?. Do share :). Until next, have a great mending week!. HUGS.

P/S: I'm linking up this altered project to Eclectic Paperie blog's, the latest Get Altered Challenge : Fabric Challenge.

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