My Little Notebooks

My hand-crafted petite notebooks are now on SALE. Small enough to carry in your purse, when you go grocery shopping. A perfect New Year gift for friends & family or treat yourself to cute fridge-door-magnet notebooks (but magnet is not included, just a suggestion for the creative souls).

These little notebooks are very small in size, about 2.5” X 2” and they come in 6 different covers. I hand-sewed 8 signatures (means each book will have 16 pages in total) of blank, heavyweight white papers to different style of covers. Each notebook is embellished with either buttons, lace, pearls or cloth ‘applique’. 

Petite Berry Notebook

Petite Blue Jeans Notebook

Petite Canary

Petite Floral
Petite Heart
Petite Pearls

I’m selling the petite notebook for RM25.00 each. You could purchase them at the Creative Cottage art store @ Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Happy New Year!

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