Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paper Bag Ideabook

 You must have known by now that I’m a flea market junkie. I saw at KINOKUNIYA a journal called something like “My Flea Market Finds”. It was way too expensive for my liking. Secretly, I promised myself to make one. 
This is my flea market idea-book. I made notes/reminder of things that I love & hope to find at flea markets such as old ribbons, suitcases, old books, skeletal keys, cigar boxes and unique jewellery.

 I made the covers from 2 pieces of Starbuck paper bags and bond them with several corrugated pages. I made a little plastic-covered shadow-box to display some tiny charms and glued it to the front cover, for fun. Finally, I added an elastic string to fasten the whole book, just like a journal would. Neat!
Inside the pages ...  I added some clippings from magazines, any ideas of what to look for in my next "junking" trips. 

I still have many more blank pages in there ...

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