Friday, December 23, 2011

Accordion Album

I found this website called (Costumers Guide), which featured a very impressive description of the dresses that Keira Knightly worn as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice movie. I’m grateful to have found such website which described Elizabeth’s sense of hairstyles, detail design of the dresses, the accessories to go with each dress. These dresses are including the “Netherfield Ball Dress, the Opening Scene Brown Dress, the Night Gown and the list goes on. 

I have captured most of the great words and photos from the website in my scrapbook called “The Fashionable Elizabeth Bennet”. I have a lot of photos & descriptions for the book from the website, so I made a rather thick accordion book and fasten with a ribbon. Large ribbons mimic the ribbons on the 18th century lady’s dress!.

I created envelopes out of pattern papers and used them as scrapbook pages, as well as pockets to keep a montage of each dress. Each montage shows an overview of a dress, detailed description of the dress’ design, the accessories and hairdos.

All the envelopes were glued to a paper, folded like an “accordion” which acts as the backbone of the book.

It took me about two weeks to complete the album. But I had great two weeks. Thank you for such an insight into Pride & Prejudice fashion!


  1. This is really lovely! Love the colors and the layout and the embellishments and the paper! It's quite beautiful!

    1. thanks girl!. It was my love for an old period movie called 'Pride and Prejudice'. I was dreaming that I lived in that era too :).


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