Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clear Scalloped Mini Album

This is the engagement gift that I made for my former colleague Azlin and his then, fiancée Dilla.
I bought a clear scrapbook album kit when I visited Minneapolis, Minnesota two years ago. It had very beautiful scallop edge on each page. I thought it would make a good baby gift or wedding album.
Working on clear albums is very different from the normal paper albums. It’s very tricky to decorate each page because you could see all the embellishment in previous pages, all stacked up. So, you have to try to be super clever on how to arrange little ribbons, stickers, papers, laces, pearls or tags on every page so that they won’t be too crowded or flawed. I have to make this album very “glamorous” but still be a bit edgy and looked hand-made. (See the white twigs & heart-shaped I-Love-You badge on the cover? I made them from found objects). I stamped on the pages some intricate hearts and sprinkled with silver dusts, as if it was of Cupid’s work!
They are now HAPPILY married. I heard someone says honeymoon lasts for 3 years!

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