Saturday, December 17, 2011

Heart of Stone

My new obsession. I collect heart-shaped pebbles. I love these beauties as much as I love geology field trips. I studied Geology at grad school and worked for many years after, as a geologist. I used to “oooh” and “aaah” over some trilobite fossils or some “sequence boundaries” I saw in the field. 
Lately, I have been collecting heart-shaped rocks. These pebbles could be of granite, marble, sandstones or concrete chunks. Most of the time I found these pebbles on the road-side while walking to work or home.

Shown up there is some of my "love"-ly treasures…
Did you see the pebble that has a hole in it? That is not really a rock. OK, Geology 101…. That, is a broken piece of an “Ophiomorpha” trace fossil that I found during a field trip in Texas (Brushy Canyon). “Ophiomorpha” is an ancient shrimp burrow or dwelling which had hardened over many millions of years.

I have eyes for the odd things. So when I bumped into these pebbles, I didn’t hesitate. A simple reminder that Love is All Around us. 

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