Tuesday, December 25, 2012

a peek inside my sketchbook

Hello friends,
Happy Holidays!. We had been blessed with great sunny mornings this past week. So happy to see the brightest blue sky, almost crystalline despite some patches of storm clouds in the afternoon. I had fun filling up more pages of new sketches too. 
Here's a peek inside my 'Life Art Journal'. [And ramblings in between pages too].

What I believe about life & what I believe in.

Skills I want to acquire & things I want to learn.

Material things I enjoy.

Is it a white Christmas for you this year?. That must be fun :). Have a happy week with friends & family. HUGS.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hearts for Newtown

Dear ones,
I'm sending you lots of LOVE for anyone who needs them. 
And be comforted. Know that LOVE brings the highest frequency/energy there is in the Universe. 

Just a minute ago I found out from my friend, Dawn that the Connecticut PTA leaders of Newtown has planned a 'Winter Wonderland', welcoming entire Sandy Hook residents to their new school building when school resumes. We're making Snowflakes!. Anything goes. Coffee filter snowflakes, painted ones, crochet snowflakes,  plushies ... just anything to bring back smiles to these kids. What a wonderful idea. Check out this link for more info & address to send the snowflakes to. I do hope you'll send some :). Just remember to send all by January 12th, 2013. I'm going to have send them like tomorrow :). So far away. Thanks, Dawn for this alert. 

Heart in nature 2

#HOW TO: Bake a heart into your cupcake…so cute!

Heart-Shaped Nature

Awesome coffee art decorations (50 pics)

Heart pebbles

Heart Clouds

Not a dog...but penguins are too awesome not to share

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

more of 'Life Art Journal'

Dear friends,
I wish to send my love, lots of love and healing prayers to anyone's grieving, searching for peace and closure these past few days, following Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. My heart goes out to the families. May there be healing in all of our hearts in the coming months.

I've done some writing and drawing in my 'Life Art Journal' last week or so. I mean to share them with you today :). They are done in pen, watercolors and inks. I hope they bring some comfort.

I don't mean perfection, like a disease. No. I feel that if I'm rushing towards it, I'd missed the learnings along the way and missing the chance to 'know' myself.

Some thoughts on what makes my heart happy and what brings me bliss; 

Yup, I do have a simple heart. I'll share some more random notes next week :). I hope you'll have a peaceful week, and Happy December 21st!. Lots of LOVE coming our way. HUGS.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

inspiration : burlap & linen

Sweet friends,
I have missed ya!. I know I've been MIA lately, glad that I was not sick but rather dreaming away with creative ideas and just enjoying some quiet times with  my cats and taking leisure walks in the park. 

With X'mas coming so soon, I'll share some of my party ideas from Pinterest. I find that humble burlaps are just so pretty :). Have a great week!!. HUGS.

Burlap silverware holders and runner PACKAGE enclude's SiX pockets and ONE 84 inch RUNNER

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Princess In Waiting Embroidered Burlap Christmas Stocking

OMG! stunning book bag!. TFS, Cathy.

Fall accessories modern  LA LUNE  - French  Linen scarf

kids linen apron

Burlap Wedding Cake Topper

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

' Life Art Journal ' for Scrappingville

Hello dear friends,
To end the year and early celebration of the new year, my friends and I at Scrappingville are embarking on a new artsy journey :). We are soon to introduce a new class dearly called, 'Life Art Journal'.

It's an ongoing journal class where students purchase a hard-bound journal and work together with ourselves on different sessions, filling the book with lots of LOVE and beautiful thoughts. Think of it like your personal diary, where you write your thoughts, feelings, reminders, wishes, and splash in some paints, mediums, and colors in between!. Ahh, it is so liberating. Just the thought of doing anything you want with the journal. Anything goes :). We are here to inspire you to journal from the heart, speak through art, challenge the mind to speak the mind, to draw, to sketch, to mix-media, to paint, to collage and to anything :). Be bold to decorate the covers to your hearts' content :). 

I'm so excited for this new journey. I'm sharing here what I have done in my 'Life Art Journal' so far. Hope you'd be inspired to keep a journal. Start with something small, if you prefer :).

Front cover.

Back cover.

The original journal covers were in black. I would spoiled them with light-color paints anyway [I'm messy when work with paint, LOL]. So I decided to make them look aged, by giving a good distressing job. I stenciled with texture paste both the covers and mod-podged crumpled tissue papers to create the vine-looking texture all over the covers. When dried, painted with taffy acrylic. Then distressed them with Brown Stazon.

Heavy texture on the cover.

I decided to fill up the journal with mostly watercolors, sketches & doodles in pen. Something different from my usual art journal entries. I wrote lots of things in it too, like places to visit, things that make me happy, my strength and my weaknesses and how to work things out. 

I added a pocket to hold random thoughts and aspirations. Little notes to remind me how lucky I am, to be living in these times of infinite opportunities. Thoughts on how to continue making me a better person, artist and friend.

I'm going to use lots of pens, sharpies and watercolors. Maybe a bit less of thick mediums and heavy collage. Here are some pages to show what I meant;

I wrote in-between-entries some notes to self (just like a diary). Only thing I'm sharing them with my students and everyone here :). Don't worry about filling them with grand artwork. Just know that everyone is an artist. If you bake, or you cook, you are an artist. If you can draw lines, you are an artist too. If you sing your kids to sleep and read them storybooks, you are an artist. This, I BELIEVE.

If I had somehow make you pick up that pen, I have done good. Hope you'll enjoy this journey with me as much as I'm enjoying myself. 

Have a great week!. HUGS.
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