Thursday, February 28, 2013

more of my Life Art Journal pages

Hello friends,
how you've been?. I took a rest, yet again but today I'm back sharing some more of my Life Art Journal pages. These I done for quite some time already. Nonetheless, each one of them are dear to my heart. Do enjoy :).

I LOVE dream catchers and I AM a day dream believer :). 

And yes, I am  a boho girl. 

I saw a girl wearing a nice crochet dress on Pinterest and I decided to draw her. Click here to see the original pin. Don't you love her dress?.

I don't quite like this one. I had glued paper doilies on the page before coloring, and the page bulked up. And I feel bad for the sad bunny in the cup, I can't quite capture it :). 

This one was me, sitting on the moon looking down the road less traveled.

I love doodling laces, this one was done with a blue pigment pen.

I did this one, imagining that I am a writer :).

I decoupaged the roses from tissue paper.

This one is my favorite. Something we all could relate to :). It tells us that we are all artist at heart, doesn't matter what we do everyday ... we are merely an artist for as long as you love doing it. 

Like gardening and keeping journals;

or just taking pictures;

or collecting jewelry;

or sewing;

Most importantly, do things that make us happy. Yes, doing nothing counts too, LOL. Which I do a lot by the way :). I drew all these pages while sitting quietly, sipping tea or coffee at cafes. Over a few days, I think. A small sketch with pencil a day and then later colored them at home. Yes, you can do this too :).

Have a great week. I leave you with lots of hugs. See you soon!.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

altered brush for Scrappingville

Sweet friends,
Recently, my friend Sharon Yong [of Scrappingville] had invited us, designers and friends to alter paint brushes, just for fun. Yes, inspired by Donna Downey's altered paint brush project, we all thought it would be amazing to have all our paint brushes displayed at the store too :).

And you know me, upon hearing the word "ALTER", I simply went berserk. Ha!. I've been wanting to do this for so long. Having our altered brushes on the wall, may inspire crafters (who don't mind getting their fingers smudged in paint and ink) to start altering things, or should I say up-cycling?. Very healthy habit indeed :).

And I have the perfect things to go with the brush too. Late last year I received a cigar box full of pink tea cups, tea pot and Alice in Wonderland goodies from the talented Amy Bowerman. [Thank you, Amy!!]. I feel bad that I haven't done anything to them yet, but NOW is the perfect time :). 

I thought it would be neat to create an Alice In Wonderland's Tea Time altered brush, complete with tea things mobile :). Here's what I made;

The crazy, altered brush mobile for Sharon :).

the other side.

Altered saucer, now a Wonderland clock!

I wanted it to look steampunk-ish, so I added copper chains and jump rings. Like I did for my Gypsy chunky ATC posted sometime ago. This too, help hold the clock in-place. This was a saucer that has been covered with gesso, paper marche, smudged with blue acrylic ink and distressed with brown Stazon.

I glued a metal key hole so little Alice could peek through:). I colored the blonde bristles with some acrylic blue ink. Almost like Alice had colored her hair blue.

Added a rhyme that Mad Hatter sang at their reunion tea party.

The stripes on teapot, was inspired by the Tweedles' stripy shirts. I covered the teapot with masking tapes, applied gesso and painted with black ink on the exposed areas. Then added paper strips from Lewis Carroll classics that says;

" Alice opened the door and found it led into the loveliest garden she had ever seen".

Home made wire heart :).

It says; "Why you are painting those roses?" asked Alice.

I can't help but to make a mobile from fun Alice In Wonderland things. Still gaga over the sun catcher I made before :). I applied gesso to the pink little teacup and once dried, decoupaged all over with hearts patterned tissue paper. 

Added a red rose, later.

I cannot lie. I felt like a kid while making this!. So much fun. I guess, I'm never tired of Alice In Wonderland. I LOVE getting 'lost' in Wonderland :). Do come by Scrappingville store and check out what other creations my friends had come up with :). Until then, have a sweet week!. HUGS.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a walk we will go

Sweet friends,
It was a gorgeous sunny day, yesterday. I jumped off the bed, and got ready for a walk :). Had a brunch and by the time I reached KL Botanical Garden, it was already noon. 

Me & my black chucks :).

Taking a rest under the Brazilian Nut tree, while looking out to the lake. They made a nice wooden platform with benches around the tree. Of all the beautiful trees in the park, he's my favorite :). Here, you hardly see anyone, let alone hear anyone's talking, just the songs of birds and the sound of water fountain from the lake.

This is him, my old friend :).

There are so many interesting parts in this beautiful park. Heliconia garden for one. Today, I like to share some colorful variety of 'Bird of Paradise' plants that happily grow here;

I love this sweet pink one. 

The blaring red ones.

The yellow ones.

Oh look, who's here?. A magpie saying hello :).

The maroon ones.

And the green ones. I really need to know their names!

See dark clouds building up?. I need to rush home :).

Soon it rained, cats & dogs!. I took shelter at one of the wooden gazebo and then later walked home. What an outing. I was just lucky to get some photos :). Hope you're not too tired!. See you soon. HUGS.
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