Friday, February 1, 2013

more sketches of Life Art Journal

Dear friends,
Today I'm sharing a few drawings I did at the end of last year. I first sketched/drew them in pencil, sitting alone at cafes. Yeah I did most of the sketches while sipping coffee (or tea) and sometimes, people-watching!. I colored them all at home :).

Yeah, that was Arthur questioning :).

This one symbolizes me, breaking free from my ever-so-serious-scientific-world into a colorful, happier of the art-heaven. Butterfly wings simply mean the changes I'm enjoying now :).

This one inspired by a paint advertisement I saw in a magazine and a quote from Beatrix Potter.

Can you spot a pair of eyes and a nose here?. Hard to see because I got them all too smudgy & runny :).

I LOVE to draw plants since I'm not good at gardening:).

A reminder to myself that I don't need to be heard. I do things because I'm having fun doing them :).

I saw a wall decor of porcelain plates on Pinterest, that triggered me drawing these fun frames :).

I'm sharing the ideas behind my drawings, hope they gives you inspiration on how you can create yours. Don't hesitate putting a small idea on paper. It's okay to start small :). I too, carry a tiny notebookwhenever I go out doing my daily things outside. Try it :). HUGS.

P/S : If you like to learn how to do watercolor sketches in your journal, come visit us @ Scrappingville for one of the 'Life Art Journal' classes :). 


  1. This is packed full of goodness! Wow! I especially love the paint brushes, and I have to admit those pretty colors just steal my heart!

  2. These are just wonderful ... love especially the second one!

    Wishing you a wonderful, art-filled weekend!


  3. Love, love and LOVE your work!!! Love Nilla

  4. Sharul! omg..I L O V E your sketches...wish we lived closer so we could do this together! I am off to check out this class.... tfs!

  5. Forgot to mention...the "eyes" one was AMAZING lol

  6. WOW WOW WOW!!! You always AMAZE me with these drawings, WOW!! I enjoyed them all, the eyes, the PAINTBRUSHES, plants, FRAME OF MIND, all of them.

    What I like is the time you take with each one and have such inspiring thoughts with them in the page and your own words about them. Seriously, LOOOOOOVE THESE!!!

    Wish to live closer and could go this class, would be so fun to sit and draw with you!!

    It is a cold blustry morning here, bleow zero and not getting much warmer today. Hope you are doing well and the sun is shining most days for you. HUGS!

  7. Awesome! Love the eyes and the paintbrushes.

  8. I always love seeing your pages. They look amazing my friend.


  9. The steampunk one is glorious!! I also like the frames spread. I may try that one!

  10. your very thought ful pages are always so inspiring Shahrul-they're all fab but I especially love your first one with your kitty.Very nice affirmations here!

  11. your fun pages. You do amazing work with watercolours Shahrul! :)

  12. These are so beautiful and lovely I feel like crying...honestly...totally totally admire you for the patience you give on detailing some of these drawings. Where do you find the patience my friend? Can I have some too? Incredibly amazing work!


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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