Thursday, February 7, 2013

a stitch in time

How are you doing, my friends?.
Today, I'm sharing another tiny album. I saw on Pinterest, a lovely plastic journal with gorgeous stitches. I have not tried stitching on plastic before so I was intrigued :). I had a couple of transparencies in my stash, just enough to make a tiny book. Here's how it looks;

It measures 2.5" X 3", small enough to be a key chain :). I stitched (& glued) little things I love on each page, just like a sampler book. I'm using red, pink and white colors, inspired by oriental things from my post here. This tiny album is a perfect way to show off your vintage stamps collection, or your favorite flea market finds, don't you think?.

For the covers, I had used slightly larger transparencies so that I could fold at the ends and added pieces of lace (front cover) and silk flowers (back cover). Making them look like stain glass of some sort. 

Here's the back cover.

I stitched on all sides, to keep the flowers in place.

I love how I can see through the little things all at once.

Running stitches for borders and in the middle spine.

Torn fabric ribbon for a softer overall look :).

Let me share the rest of the pages in this tiny album; 

I love Alice In Wonderland so much :).

my old paint brush :).

buttons love.

charms love.

Last page, butterflies love. Nice sitting against the flowers :).

So, don't throw away that plastic containers yet, you could turn them into beautiful sun-catchers or maybe pretty mobiles :). Hope you'll try this fun project :). HUGS.


  1. Goodness! This is soooooooo pretty! Love the transparent look and all the found things. What a delightful creation Shahrul! :)

  2. How pretty this is, love that you can peek thru the pages. you filled it with such nice things, love the butterfly page and the back page is gorgeous. How fun to see all the stitching around it too, glad it worked out ok for you. Love that you filled it with happy things. What a busy creative week you've had making books, LOOOOVE THEM!! Thanks for sharing! HUGS!

  3. I can't get over the stitching you've done here. Your book is a wonderland of eclectic wonder and I'm only wishing there were MORE pages. ;) Awesome job my friend, this is gorgeous.

  4. How cool is this!?!?! Love how you've trapped the contents in between the plastic with your stitching. It's so interesting!

  5. WOW WOW WOW, once again a STUNNING project, love every bits of it!!!

  6. You always amaze me my friend. I just love this. Very creative.


  7. Awww.....this is so cute and sweet! I love it!


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