Wednesday, February 13, 2013

paper and cloth fever

I had the bug. The Paper, Cloth & Scissors bug!:). Ever since I made that lace-heart-notebook, I can't stop stitching!. Been there?. BLISS. 

Dear friends, today I'm going to share my newest interest. Paper & cloth collage from old book pages. Initially, it was just a simple stitch on paper, but I got too excited and changed gear and turned them into mixed-media collage :). With gesso & ink spray, yes. 

Humble beginning. Stitch on paper.

I first drew simple sketches with pencil and then sew away with running & back stitching. Once, I pulled the thread too hard and torn a page :). 

First page I did. Less collage, more doodle stitches.

Then, I started applying gesso with dry brush as background. Painted a frame with blue acrylic ink, and applied thin gesso again over it. Can't help to stitch a heart in the middle of all that fabric scraps.

Then I sprayed inks over punchinella, added washi tapes, magazine clips and a homemade heart charm. Wonder why I'd not tried making wire hearts before?. It is so fun and easy. Nothing's like making your own charms and wire words and add them into any projects.

Crooked wire heart. Shaped it with jewelry making tools.

And cross stitches ...

For now, these loose pages will sit on my mood board in the studio. Or maybe one day they'll ended up on canvas, who knows. I certainly will do more of this, perhaps in a journal. [more reasons to make more journals, haha]. We shall see :). Until next, take care. Hugs.


  1. You are one adventurous talented artist!! Love it! Love from Nilla

  2. ooohh how lovely these are. just love seeing you play and have fun with stitching. I love that all the hearts especially. How cute those birds are, I know you love birds. The collage ones are so fun too. What a great idea this was, thanks for sharing it with us.

    I need to get my sewing machine working again and try this hand stitching!!! Keep having fun crafting my friend!

  3. What a good idea, I like that very much (sorry for my English)amicalement
    (in French it's better for me...)

  4. This is amazing Shahrul, I just love your little pieces of art!!!!

  5. these are such beautiful pages Shahrul-what a clever and inspirational idea!


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