Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ever tried stitching on clay?

I know, it's wicked!!:). I found stitched-clay-ornaments on Pinterest, and I thought I can make some with paper clay instead. Dear friends, here are some clay tags and paper weights I made this week;

A bowl of my latest experiment :). 

I used store-bought Japanese paper clay. I shaped them with cookie cutters and bottle lids. Just like making cookies :). And the possibility is endless when it comes to playing with clay doh. You could make little birds, houses, anything and turn them into paper weights, ornaments, gift tags, or just cute things sitting on your desk :).

Some tags were stamped on, and some were stitched. 

I poke holes with a needle while the clay is wet and later add stitches after it had dried. Big mistake!!:). I should have stitched while the clay was still soft or else it would crack!.

You could paint or decoupage things on them too. I like mine white so I left them bare. 

And here are my clay paper weights; painted them soft pink :). I'm not patient enough to make them thicker, these were dried just in three days :).

My very first clay heart.

My friend Sharon Yong of Scrappingville, made a box of yummy clay hearts. They are so lovable!. I decided that my home needs some too, LOL. Can't get enough of the hearts and the pinks, aren't we?. I've been making little Valentine projects for friends lately, and it is just unstoppable!. 

If you can bake, you definitely can make these :). You can even make your own paper clay using this recipe I saw online. Hope you try this!. Perfect project with kids too :). HUGS.


  1. These are just divine!! Lovely idea and beautifully executed... I love the hearts the most also LOL xo

  2. How cute and fun these are! I love that you tried some stitching on them, added texture is always best. I've never did anything like this but really should after seeing yours. I like them white and with the pretty pink.

    So happy to more art posts from you, how busy you've been. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us today!
    p.s. yes we can never tire of hearts, the more the better.

  3. Lovely clay projects Shahrul-great idea for the stitching. I haven't done anything with paper clay in ages.

  4. Oooooh...these are sooooooo pretty Shahrul!
    P/s: You've been creating a storm girl...love all your creations! :)

  5. Oh my..... I would also love some of these at home!!!! Lovely creation!!!!!


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