Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a walk we will go

Sweet friends,
It was a gorgeous sunny day, yesterday. I jumped off the bed, and got ready for a walk :). Had a brunch and by the time I reached KL Botanical Garden, it was already noon. 

Me & my black chucks :).

Taking a rest under the Brazilian Nut tree, while looking out to the lake. They made a nice wooden platform with benches around the tree. Of all the beautiful trees in the park, he's my favorite :). Here, you hardly see anyone, let alone hear anyone's talking, just the songs of birds and the sound of water fountain from the lake.

This is him, my old friend :).

There are so many interesting parts in this beautiful park. Heliconia garden for one. Today, I like to share some colorful variety of 'Bird of Paradise' plants that happily grow here;

I love this sweet pink one. 

The blaring red ones.

The yellow ones.

Oh look, who's here?. A magpie saying hello :).

The maroon ones.

And the green ones. I really need to know their names!

See dark clouds building up?. I need to rush home :).

Soon it rained, cats & dogs!. I took shelter at one of the wooden gazebo and then later walked home. What an outing. I was just lucky to get some photos :). Hope you're not too tired!. See you soon. HUGS.


  1. oh thank you for taking me along on your outting. Those look like brand new chucks you're wearing :) Gorgeous scenery and photos!!

  2. What a gorgeous place. Thanks for sharing photos from your walk!

  3. Looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon!
    I'm sure it inspired you to doodle lots in your trusty journal. :)

  4. love the greens.. KL Botanical garden? hmm..dont think ive been there.. near Lake Garden is it? Nice shoes!

  5. Just what I needed this morning, a walk with the sun and some beatufiul flowers. We just got a big snowfall and school is canceled today, your pictures give me hope that spring will be here soon.

    How funny that you beat the rain and got these pictures in time, must have been nice to run home and relax after a good walk. Love your shoes!

    Enjoy your day, hope it's sunny again!

  6. Look like you had a fabulous walk indeed. I am so glad you brought us along with you. What a view. Its so pretty and green.


  7. Thanks for taking us for a wonderful walk, that tropical plants remind me of home!


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