My Cards

I have just started to make and sell greeting cards. I painted them in watercolor. Most of these cards are blank, so that my anyone can write their own words on them. The paintings are all in a series of three cards of the same theme, but you are welcome to buy them individually. 
These cards are 4" X 4.5" in size and they come in series called 'Angel', 'Old Paris', 'Blue & Red British Icons' and 'Alice and Friends'. I'm selling these cards for RM8.00 each 9RM is Ringgit Malaysia currency). At the moment, I display all my cards at a friend's art store @ Creative Cottage, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Or you may send me email @ for any inquiries.

'Old Paris' series.

'Angel' series.

'Alice and Friends' series.

'Alice and Friends' series.
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