Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Darcy Code

At one time, I was so crazy of the Pride & Prejudice movie, so much so … that I started making all kinds of Pride & Prejudicey scrapbooks! Actually, I love Matthew McFadyen (as Mr. Darcy) so much MORE than the beautiful movie (I know...). And I love Keira Knightly too (as Elizabeth Bennet).

I made this scrapbook to capture my favourite scenes in the movie.  Since there were a lot of lovely scenes, I have to arrange the scrapbook pages like a cascading curtain (or a blind, rather).I made the front cover to open up like a door. You know, like “welcome to Pemberly” of some sort …

At the back of each page, I wrote what Mr. Darcy said to Elizabeth and vice versa. 

Came to think of it, the scrapbook was actually narrating all key scenes in the movie!. Yes, like a synopsis. I just realized that now.

At the time I completed the scrapbook, there was a big talk about The Da Vinci Code book. A lapse of judgement, I named my scrapbook “The DARCY Code”. 

... it seemed like a good idea then.


  1. I remember this album ... it was so beautiful blew me away!!

  2. Hey you remembered! Yeah I brought some of my mini albums when u came to visit us. Maybe I should post my brag books too ...thanks!


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