Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Decoupaged Toolbox

A few years back, I genuinely thought I couldn’t draw or paint. Then, I learnt decoupage. I was hooked. I knew that it would allow me to “cheat”. This picture showed a toolbox that I decorated when I first learnt decoupage. 
I bought a blank wooden toolbox, painted it all white with Jo Sonja’s acrylic paint, then decoupaged the toolbox. I use the toolbox to keep my magazines instead.

Decoupage art is the most perfect art for busy mothers or professionals alike. Simply cut your favourite decorative tissue papers and glue them onto any sturdy surfaces like wood, tin, ceramics, tiles and even on papers! Apply a few coats of sealer and then dry the decoupaged surface thoroughly with a blow dryer. You could make beautiful art within an hour! 

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