Sunday, December 11, 2011

Re-living Beatrix Potter

I recently decided to do watercolour painting again.I bought Peter Rabbit box set (containing 23 of Beatrix Potter little books) which made me RM180 poorer. I realized why I had not pursued this art need patience to do water color painting. You wait it out to dry, then do more layers on top. I was younger then, so I hate  to wait. I abandoned this art for years!. 

I'll share some of my other watercolor paintings in the future.Here is some of my first attempt at drawing her friends.

Benjamin Bunny (left) and the very naughty Peter Rabbit (right).

Jemima Puddle-Duck (far left), Timmy Tiptoes (middle) and the Townmouse (right).

Soon after all these...I began painting, ALOT! 

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