Sunday, September 29, 2013

Come 'Together'...

Hello friends,
It's a lovely, sunny weekend here :). My window-sill garden is recovering from weeks of rain. Cactus had rotten, spinach infected with white spots and need some re-potting. Hence, no post of garden update yet :). Soon. Hope this gorgeous warm weather, last.

Sweet Ros, is the host at Our Beautiful World this week. 

She had picked the word prompt;


Wonder why am I showing my heels this week?. 

My pink heels. 

Because, we always have to wear them 'together' :). Get it?. Any pair of shoes, any pair of heels. Unless, wearing an odd pair has become fashionable :). 

Don't wear them much. Maybe once, in a year.

I thought of the Beatles' song too ... "Come Together". It's a hard song to sing and I can never play it right!. [Some of you may know that I play guitar for fun]. Beautiful song, nonetheless. 

Click here to listen to it :). Are you a fan?. 

Lennon & McCartney, come together.

So that is my story this week. Do share with us your version of 'together' at Our Beautiful World!. May it be a party, a picnic or a family time together :). See you soon!. Hugs.

{Notes: all photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy SAdvance phone. Edited in PhotoScape, used Fake Tilt filter}

Monday, September 23, 2013

the 'Fall' around here

Sweet friends,
Happy Autumn Equinox!. It's been a nice, sunny & dry week here. I enjoyed the clear night sky, and was able to watch the full moon for 3 nights in a row!. 

This week at Our Beautiful World, we are welcoming;


There is no such season as Autumn or Fall here in Kuala Lumpur. [Time to use some imagination this week, I think]. But, one would know that Autumn is here when there are lots of yummy moon cakes in pretty packages at the mall. My Chinese friends are now celebrating the Mooncake (or Lantern) Festival!. 

This, I saw right by our front gate.

One day I walked out to lunch and saw that they had trimmed all the overgrown big trees around the apartment building. My place had become TOO bright for my liking, no longer shady as before.

"Oh, that's my Fall", I said.

The tarmac is messy with little twigs & fallen leaves, which is a perfect set up for a Fall scene, don't you think?.

This make me think of a cool, crisp weather.

There was a large rubber tree estate just outside the fence of my childhood home. When I was 10 or so, I loved following my grandma foraged wild mushrooms (kulat sisir in Malay) that grow on fallen (or dead) rubber trees. They look much like split gills. With lots of rain and shade, the mushrooms flourish. We've got bags and bags of them!. This was all GAME for me, but my grandma would cook the best curry out of these mushrooms!.

The pile of chopped woods remind me of hot chocolate!.

I LOVE Fall. My favorite season while I was in college, still is. Love walking in the fallen leaves under the trees on my way to class. Cottonwoods by the creek. The Fall decor of shops and houses in downtown Golden. And the heavenly smell of hot cinnamon rolls. Sending me raptures!.

Nature's beauty, even in dead leaves.

I love to hear about your Fall story. Come share with us your favorite Fall shots. What Fall means to you. Or that unique family tradition and treats at home.

Link up with us @ Our Beautiful World this week, and while you're there ... have a visit around other part of the world. That's my favorite part. See you soon!. HUGS.

{All photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy SAdvance phone, edited in PhotoScape with Region-Out-of-Focus and Film Effect cross-process filters}.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

a very 'Yellow' morning

Hi there,
I missed taking you out for a walk :). It's been so wet out, lately. I have photos from my walks in the park earlier this year. That would make up for lost time, wouldn't it?

Our sweet Wendy, is the host at Our Beautiful World this week. I hope we would see more of her, very soon. She had chosen for us the prompt;


I'd taken you to the Botanical Garden many times before, but the word 'Yellow' brings back a nice memory of being among the fallen yellow flowers on the tarmac.

It feels rather magical, to just sit on the yellow carpet :). It's a shame that these flowers don't have any scent at all. Maybe the bright colors DO work, attracting the bees.

I paid attention in class. Let's see if I could still remember my biology here; the gloomy flowers (with muted colors) need strong, sweet scent to attract bees. However, the ones with vibrant colors pretty much had it easy :). Of course, nice perfume helps.

There were hardly anyone here, so I made myself at home.

Early in the year, days were all sunny & breezy. Blue sky all mornings, and maybe some clouds in the afternoon.

They all came from up there.

I have no idea what this tree is. Do you?. The flowers look a bit like wisteria, but I know it's not :). I took home some of these blooms to decorate my junk journal covers.

Never get tired of this yellow wonderland.

And, time to rest ... a few steps from here, there is a small grass area by the lake. I love sitting out there to sketch.

Sitting with my back on the tree roots.

Once in a few seconds, birds would dive for little fishes.

Say hello, to the residents :).

What 'yellow' means to you?. Is it your favorite color?. Maybe now the trees are turning yellow where you live?. Or, early Spring daffodils are popping up in the fields?.

Come, share with us your stories at Our Beautiful World this week!:). See you soon, Hugs.

{Notes: all photos are from archive, edited in PhotoScape, with Region-Out-of-Focus and Fake-Tilt filters}

Sunday, September 8, 2013

seeing Bubbles!


How are you enjoying September, so far?. In my part of the world, I am most certain that the rainy season has began. Raining every afternoons (or early mornings) since last two weeks, and I'm enjoying it!.

At Our Beautiful World this week, we have a lovely guest, our very first :). Please welcome Liz and she has chosen a word prompt for us;


Honestly, I was a bit panicky earlier when I couldn't think of anything 'bubbly' at all. For some reasons, nothing came to my mind for days. One morning, as I was dusting the glass cabinet ... lo and behold, I saw it!. 

My snow globe!. 

Of course!. It really so simple, after all. Immediately then, I think of other 'bubbly' things. Bubble tea, bubble bath, Oh heaven :).

Park City is one gorgeous place to live in.

I love Park City and the rugged, western states. There was a quaint bookshop (Dolly's Bookstore) on the Main Street that has this fluffy cat, resting on the counter :). [What a sweet guy, my cats won't sit still for a minute]. I went there for a field trip in the early summer and missed the snow. Took home the tiny snow globe, instead.

The globe is one giant bubble, don't you think?.

Kind of tricky to get a good photo of the snow falling, really. This is the best shot I can get, with one hand shaking the globe and another taking the shot :).

Bubbles within a bubble.

Now I'm intrigued to make my own snow globe. Must be fun to add glitters in it too. Have you ever make one?. Do tell :). 

Share your 'bubbles' story with us at Our Beautiful World this week. Like a trick for making the most amazing bubbles!. Anything that means 'bubbles' to you. Hugs.

{Notes: All photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy SAdvance phone, edited in PhotoScape, applied region-out-of-focus and cinema filters}.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

hello September!

Dearest friends,

Happy September!. Yesterday, we celebrated our Independence Day. I woke up to the booming sound of jet fighters, passing over our apartment!. They were heading to the parade at Merdeka Square, nearby.

It's been raining a lot too, almost everyday now. What a relief, after another haze episode.

Days like these, I'd cuddle my cats by the window.

Watching the rain drops on the leaves.

A tree in our backyard started shedding leaves (upper left) and grass on the roadsides (lower right) are turning brown. 

Surely, the rainstorms are very much welcomed. I bet the little folks are happily dancing in circles!.

This week @ Our Beautiful World my team and I, welcome the new month with the prompt;


Many happenings in September. We are thrilled to welcome our newest member, Bonita at Our Beautiful World this week :). So exciting!.

This month, last year ... Malaysians enjoyed a royal visit from London!.

Remember this?. Check out my drawings of the darling royal couple in my blog post, here.

This month, I'll show how my tiny garden grows. I may share a few pages from my garden journal :).

No idea what this plant is, but love the tiny blooms.

I apologize for taking a long break from creating art. I just love these breaks. To sit back, slow down and maybe looking for inspiration [I LOVE pinning, maybe a little too much really].

This month, I'll take you out for a walk again :).

How do you welcome September?. Any cold-evening S'more picnics, maybe?. Or the weather is warming up and you can't wait to spend a little gardening-thyme?. 

Do share with us your stories about September, or what September means to you. Just link up a photo at Our Beautiful World this week. I LOVE visiting your part of the world :). HUGS!.

P/S: My photos today are all from archive [I broke my camera recently]. Edited in PhotoScape, the first two photos used Region-Out-Of-Focus filter and Cross Process film effect.
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