Sunday, September 1, 2013

hello September!

Dearest friends,

Happy September!. Yesterday, we celebrated our Independence Day. I woke up to the booming sound of jet fighters, passing over our apartment!. They were heading to the parade at Merdeka Square, nearby.

It's been raining a lot too, almost everyday now. What a relief, after another haze episode.

Days like these, I'd cuddle my cats by the window.

Watching the rain drops on the leaves.

A tree in our backyard started shedding leaves (upper left) and grass on the roadsides (lower right) are turning brown. 

Surely, the rainstorms are very much welcomed. I bet the little folks are happily dancing in circles!.

This week @ Our Beautiful World my team and I, welcome the new month with the prompt;


Many happenings in September. We are thrilled to welcome our newest member, Bonita at Our Beautiful World this week :). So exciting!.

This month, last year ... Malaysians enjoyed a royal visit from London!.

Remember this?. Check out my drawings of the darling royal couple in my blog post, here.

This month, I'll show how my tiny garden grows. I may share a few pages from my garden journal :).

No idea what this plant is, but love the tiny blooms.

I apologize for taking a long break from creating art. I just love these breaks. To sit back, slow down and maybe looking for inspiration [I LOVE pinning, maybe a little too much really].

This month, I'll take you out for a walk again :).

How do you welcome September?. Any cold-evening S'more picnics, maybe?. Or the weather is warming up and you can't wait to spend a little gardening-thyme?. 

Do share with us your stories about September, or what September means to you. Just link up a photo at Our Beautiful World this week. I LOVE visiting your part of the world :). HUGS!.

P/S: My photos today are all from archive [I broke my camera recently]. Edited in PhotoScape, the first two photos used Region-Out-Of-Focus filter and Cross Process film effect.


  1. Love seeing what goes on in your part of the world ... Sorry about your camera ... but any shots are always worth seeing ... Have a beautiful day!

  2. The first day of September and I have had to dig out a light sweater as it's a bit cooler than it has been of late... and it's SUCH a relief. I do not like the heat, I do not like having my arms bare - I'm hoping this is a sign that Autumn might be around the corner :)

    Your watercolour sketches are gorgeous, I went and had a peep :) It's always nice to step back sometimes.

  3. Happy September dear friend, I loved reading this post. OH I MISS MISS YOUR ART SO MUCH!! Good thing I can go into your archives and pull out my favorites to look at. So many favorites though, ha!

    Great pictures for today, I do remember the royal couple and your drawing was AMAZING!! Now a year later they have that sweet baby boy to love and cherish each day.

    Looking forward to your walks and new art/sketches/painting from you this month.

    Sorry about your camera, hope it's fixed soon or you can purchase a new one. I know you love to take pictures like I do and it's gotta be hard not having one.

    I will be doing a Hello September post, those are my favorite. Thanks so much for your comments and enjoying the new things I've been sharing on my blog.

    p.s. there is something tiny and cute growing in my garden, the very first one!! I know you will guess what it is!! YAY FALL!!!

    Take care and enjoy the rain that you have!
    Oh and YAY for Bonita being on the team with you, what a big surprise that was!!! She will be perfect for it, her photos are always stunning and she writes so well too.

  4. I am sorry to read your camer is still broken...tha plant looks like "verguenza", we have them here but i don't know the name in English. Love that you had a Royal visit, officially jealous!!! and happy independence day!!!

  5. I love seeing your photos my friend. So sorry to hear about your camera.. HOpe you September is a happy one.


  6. Hi Shahrul! I welcome September! I just love the cool crisp air and the changing leave that I know are coming. I am a little sad that my oldest daughter is back at college, but happy at the same time that she is doing well! I absolutely love your beautiful photos. We have had rain here the past couple of days, too. Thanks for sharing them with all of us. I look forward to seeing what your blog brings in September!!!

  7. Your images are just gorgeous.. and thank you for the warm welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you xo

  8. Your images are just gorgeous.. and thank you for the warm welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you xo

  9. It is nice to hear what's going in your life in the month of September, love the raindrops on the leave shot, so refreshing, I could almost smell the rain, ahhh......
    Happy September and also looking forward to your art!

  10. love that photo of the plant with the tiny red blossoms~!!~
    it has interesting leaves too.
    we have been getting a bit of rain every day for about a week now which i really like but it's not the usual weather for us to be getting.
    seeing your world through your lens has been fascinating and i appreciate your generosity in sharing.

    i welcome september by slowing down a bit. the summer gardening season has worn me out and i'm already enjoying cooler days and looking forward to the bright beauty of fall season's colors.


  11. Lovely to see what September means to you in your part of the world.Hope your camera is mended very soon :)
    Thank you for stopping by my little Blog and for taking the time to leave a comment-I appreciate it.
    Best wishes,Nessa xx

  12. It is so interesting to see how plants/trees change colors in other parts of the world, Shahrul fantastic photos.

  13. What a pretty view! I love all how green it is. We have been having quite a bit of rain too but the weatherman has promised us that we will return to summer weather next week. Thanks for sharing your photos from your part of the world.

  14. Happy September Shahrul!'s almost end of the year already.... How fast time flies..... Hope your camera is fixed now.....


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