Sunday, September 15, 2013

a very 'Yellow' morning

Hi there,
I missed taking you out for a walk :). It's been so wet out, lately. I have photos from my walks in the park earlier this year. That would make up for lost time, wouldn't it?

Our sweet Wendy, is the host at Our Beautiful World this week. I hope we would see more of her, very soon. She had chosen for us the prompt;


I'd taken you to the Botanical Garden many times before, but the word 'Yellow' brings back a nice memory of being among the fallen yellow flowers on the tarmac.

It feels rather magical, to just sit on the yellow carpet :). It's a shame that these flowers don't have any scent at all. Maybe the bright colors DO work, attracting the bees.

I paid attention in class. Let's see if I could still remember my biology here; the gloomy flowers (with muted colors) need strong, sweet scent to attract bees. However, the ones with vibrant colors pretty much had it easy :). Of course, nice perfume helps.

There were hardly anyone here, so I made myself at home.

Early in the year, days were all sunny & breezy. Blue sky all mornings, and maybe some clouds in the afternoon.

They all came from up there.

I have no idea what this tree is. Do you?. The flowers look a bit like wisteria, but I know it's not :). I took home some of these blooms to decorate my junk journal covers.

Never get tired of this yellow wonderland.

And, time to rest ... a few steps from here, there is a small grass area by the lake. I love sitting out there to sketch.

Sitting with my back on the tree roots.

Once in a few seconds, birds would dive for little fishes.

Say hello, to the residents :).

What 'yellow' means to you?. Is it your favorite color?. Maybe now the trees are turning yellow where you live?. Or, early Spring daffodils are popping up in the fields?.

Come, share with us your stories at Our Beautiful World this week!:). See you soon, Hugs.

{Notes: all photos are from archive, edited in PhotoScape, with Region-Out-of-Focus and Fake-Tilt filters}


  1. Hello!! So happy to see this beautiful and YELLOW post from you!! Wishing I was right there beside you in these pictures, how beautiful all these are. How lucky no one was around so you could enjoy it yourself. I love the color yellow, it's in my kitchen and my sunflowers. Might have to show my sunflowers again for this prompt or think of something new??!!

    Thanks so much for your comments on my posts this week, I loved sharing my days with you this week. Makes my day to see your visits there, thank you!

    Actually I just got an idea now for yellow, let's hope it works out. My Saturday photos might give you a hint!! HA!

    Enjoy your Sunday and hope it stays dry out so you can take a nice walk. Hugs dear friend!

  2. hi Sharul! Nice photos! Nice shoes! We ( me and Faiz) have a pair too... Only his with green lace..hehe...he likes green. You know, at my house, it's a showcase of pink now. The trees along the road to our taman are blooming with pink flowers! I don't know what it is called too. When the flowers fall, they make a pretty slow motion spin towards the ground. It's really pretty, but the trees grow real big until it causes hazard to the neighborhood. ...

  3. Ahhh what a gorgoeus yellow carpet, I would have done the same and just lay there, probably waiting for a few more flowers to cover me in yellow too! loved taking a walk with you!

  4. Lots of beautiful photo. Love that blanket of yellow flowers.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  5. I guess they are called golden showers !! There is one in my neightbourhood n when the tree is in full bloom its a sight to see !

  6. oh my~! these photos are pure magic with petal confetti everywhere. i love the way that you have used dof within your shots too.

    to me yellow represents friendliness, warmth, happiness. all of the things i am feeling after reading your post.


  7. Fantastic photos, love them all, wonderful place to sit and draw, yellow is not a color I like, except if it is a very pale yellow, have a nice day.

  8. Oh I love these photos! The yellow flowers are so pretty. Yellow is such a happy, energizing color. One of my favorites!

    PS - I really like your shoes and outfit - very cute!

  9. What a pretty YELLOW post!

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately, traveling and Papi really took up lots of my time!

  10. I love your take on the yellow theme, fabulous shot the first one! A pity I couldn't join my own theme, lol.


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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