Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twilight Comes

This is another Twilight scrapbook that I made for the first movie. All Twilight fans know that Edward Cullen, the reluctant vampire keeps journal for his never ending soul searching. So, this scrapbook was my attempt at guessing what Edward Cullen might have written about Bella and his forbidden love in one of his many journals.

I used many clippings of the movie from various magazines, as well as the director’s notes for each scene. Then I tweaked a little bit, to summarize the story line.  And here are some of the pages that I came up with …

Page 1: The overall look of the scrapbook entitled “Twilight Comes”.

Page 2: Edward’s scribbles, “I had lived a fairly uneventful life … until the day I met her. I thought she’d be like any other human. She was an exception to the rule”.

Page 3: Edward’s note, “When I first saw Isabella Swan, I was intrigued. I couldn’t read her mind”.

Page 4: Edward described how he felt when he was to partner Bella for science lab. “When I smell her for the first time I was nearly mad with thirst. It was the longest hour of my life. To love her is almost a sin. She is my forbidden apple”

Page 5: “Bella, I think we shouldn’t be friends” – Edward.
“I think you should have said that much earlier” – Bella.

Page 7: This is the scene when Edward took Bella jumping from tree to tree. That’s what vampires do, really. Edward warned Bella to hold on to him.
“Hold on tight … spider monkey”

Page 10: Here I cheated a bit. Edward only proposed to Bella in the second movie (New Moon), but I can’t wait so I married a picture from the first movie (Twilight) where Edward took Bella to dance at prom with the words Edward said when he proposed to Bella in the second movie (New Moon).

And of course, Bella didn’t scream “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”. That was just me.

I hope you like my version of Twilight.



  1. so romantic!!!! am sure it looks much nicer in real life. pictures dont do justice here.. :)

  2. Hey thanks ...have you seen Breaking Dawn? I'm yet to see it..I'm still learning photography though. Hehe, bare with me a while. Have a good New Year!


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