Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Grunge Suitcase

Only last week, I found this jewel at the flea market. It was probably a kid’s schoolbag from the ‘70s. It is still usable even with the rusty metal clasp. It just needed some TLC and a creative soul to adopt it. 

Paid RM40 for the handsome suitcase, I began imagining what to do with it on the ride home. I daresay that I carried it home on the train, just like that!

After some cleaning, I applied a neutral KIWI on all four sides to make it lustre a bit and pasted vintage Graphic 45 pattern papers  the inside. To finish it off, tied two skeletal keys with a leather string to it's handle.  In just 3 hours, I have a grungy bag to store my hand-made water-color cards & paintings.



  1. ooohhhh ... I LOVE this project! What a gorgeous find! And you did a beautiful job bringing it back to life. : )

  2. Thanks Kelly. It's such a handsome find. I must have it. A scrapper can never have too many storage right?

  3. wow wow wow.... just curious, how did you stick the papers inside ? :)

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

    1. Hey Cheryl. I used double-sided tape & glued on the pattern papers. Don't forget, must cut & paste a separate paper along the perimeter too. Good luck.


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