Saturday, February 9, 2013

faux glass sun catcher!

Sweet friends,
I woke up this morning to a beautiful, sunny day. Makes me happy since it has been gloomy and wet these past few days. I'm sending warmth and comfort to everyone out there, who patiently braving the coming winter storm [especially to you, Linda Kunsman :)].

I made a simple sun catcher last night, from leftovers of the transparent-book project. I'm too happy that I can set it out on the bedroom's window today :).

I LOVE the woods behind my apartment. I'm lucky to have the living room and the bedroom facing the woods. I usually open the living room's windows wide, get down on my yoga mat and do my practice facing these woods. Yes, with birds singing their hearts out :). The best outdoor yoga I could have without living home!.

The view at noon today. Beautiful day out, isn't it?.

I 'trapped' little silk flowers in between two pieces of transparencies by stitching around to keep them in place. 

With jewelry making tools, I added glass beads, jump rings and a ring binder to make this very simple faux glass sun catcher. Oh, how I wish I have a garden. Then I could make more elaborate sun catchers or even wind chimes and hang them on trees!. Someday.

Making this is super fun because you could add anything to the assemble. Charms, old bangles, origami cranes, scrap fabrics, old cutlery, beads, feathers ... endless craziness! :). I hope this post leaves you much joy. HUGS.


  1. Love this~~~You are lucky to live somewhere so beautiful!! It's all dirt and desert where I live!

  2. WOW that view is amazing !! What a wonderful way to do your yoga. This is beautiful Shahrul, love love the way it sparkles in the sun. What a wonderful idea this is and yes it filled me with JOY!! I'm happy you found a way to use up leftovers and have something beautiful to look at when the sun comes out. Thanks so much for sharing this!! Hope the sun comes out again for you today. HUGS!!

  3. Beautiful!! Love the idea and love the view!!

  4. This is so simple yet delightful! I believe I will make these with my daughters ... thank you again for the inspiration Shahrul! xoxo

  5. YES, SO beautiful! And I love your view too - sounds like a perfect Yoga partner to me, xo!

  6. Another outstanding creation my friend!!!!

  7. What a fabulous idea! Love seeing those beautiful sections shining in the sun. You must smile everytime you see them.

  8. Hi shahrul, gone through so many of your posts,lovely lovely work, you are a special person to bring so much cheer into our lives with your posts. love your special way of incorporating nature into all your projects!!i am going to use your ideas of pressed paper and flowers into following you now!!

  9. Thank you for your comment on my blog, Shahrul. I'm glad it led me to your blog, and I shall br revisiting to see thevother wonderful things you have made.


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