Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ever tried stamping on tulle netting?

Sweet friends,
I think tulle nets are hard to work with, even to stitch on them. So, I tried stamping it with acrylic paint and India ink. These, making me so excited ;

Stamping with black India ink.

Looks like cross-stitch :). Love.

This one was stamped with gesso and some green acrylic paint.

Honey-comb texture for dragon flies?. Cool.

Since this work so well, I decided to create something quick. Like ATCs!. Sheer ATCs. Although, needed to add linen & pattern papers as background, to make them less flimsy. You've guessed it, I took inspiration from my post before :).

And this adorable pattern paper from American Craft (Dream Catcher) sets the theme for my sheer ATCs.

The completed, sheer ATCs.

I stacked a few pieces of tulle nets with linen fabric at the very back. This helps to give weight & structure to the sheer materials. Then fussy cut some paper jars and glued them down to the stacked fabrics. Over it, laid a piece of a stamped tulle net at the very top and then stitched around the jars. Lastly, added sheer lace & floral fabrics. 

Wonder if anyone has ever built a glass bird house?

The paper jar backing helps us to see the butterfly better.

Found the bird in a magazine.

Can you spot the dragonfly, here ?.

Stamped artist's info detail at the back of all ATCs.

I'm using many sweet colors to celebrate Springtime. I noticed the trees in park here are blooming like crazy too. Despite the hot weather :). Here's what I saw recently at the park;

I guess, the spirit of the spring season in northern latitude does bring love, hope and cheer to the whole world :). Warm HUGS to you who lives in the snowy region.


  1. Sooooooo clever Shahrul! What an amazing idea, so beautifully executed! :)

  2. My dear friend, where do you get all your ideas from????? I envy you!!

  3. The net tulle turned out great with your stamping and your ATCs are fabulous and so adorable.

  4. I'm with Nilla, how do you always have new and fun/pretty ideas??

    WOW WOW WOW, these are so pretty and creative and SPRING!! I love that you stamped on the tulle/netting and the outcome looks wonderful. I love the layers for each one, so awesome. The heart one is my favorite then I saw the tree one so it's easier to just LOVE THEM ALL!! The little bits of fabric on each one is just what it needed too.

    I wish so much to be there so we could create together!! LOVE THEM!!

    Thanks for the comment on my Disney post, thought you would like that peek. So glad that is what got me started in scrapping and telling our story.
    Thanks so much for these springtime picutres, I need to see them and feel hopeful that spring will come soon for us.

  5. I am in LOVE with your fabric ATC. that stamped tulle looks wonderful. Makes me want to go through me fabric box and try to create one. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


  6. Wow! Absolutely stunning work! I'll have to give this technique a try. Thanks so much for the inspiration! =)

  7. your fabric ATCS are utterly gorgeous!!! I just love all the layers and bits-and what you did with the tulle is wonderful!! You have so brightened my day with your beautiful ATCs and photographs of the park-thank you!

  8. omg...I really think these are the most awesome atcs' I have ever seen..LOVE them and thanks for showing the "green" Spring pics while I patiently wait for it to turn green here!

  9. These ATC's are beautiful! I love how you stamped on the tulle. And the pink tulle with the dragonflies is just gorgeous! I love the jars too. Whoever receives these will be very lucky! :)

  10. OMG...you're a genius!!! Never would I have thought to try that, but now I can't wait to try!! You could stamp on melted butter and it would turn out amazing.
    These are beyond words in describing HOW MUCH I LOVE them!! Fantastic project and thank you SO much for sharing your creative talent.
    Lisa x

  11. Oh my goodness, you are a genius! Now I want to dig out my box of scraps of lace and mesh and give this a go!

  12. how pretty is this...gorgeous...gorgeous, and I love your brilliant idea too, now I want to go home and try this! : )

    Greetings from Chiang Mai, Thailand with painfully slow internet connection! : (

  13. That is an AMAZING effect ... I never would have even thought to try that!! Beautiful work my friend! xoxo

  14. Truly gorgeous... so many fine details, none the least of which is the surface!

  15. On tulle? Cool! I should try that. I love your atc's!! They are gorgeous!

  16. You are so amazing Shahrul! I am in awe of your talent! I absolutely LOVE all of those gorgeous ATC's!! I have never seen anything like them before!!! And your photos are lovely, too. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing blog posts with us!!!!!

  17. O wow, your atc's are gorgeous!! I'd love to follow your blog. I'm on my blogger-following limit though :( so I'm going to follow your blog via bloglovin. Hugs, Wendy

  18. Shahrul, I'm your newest follower. Such beauty you have all around you and that you create. I loved these pieces when I saw them at Yvonne's blog and I'm so happy I visited your blog. Your world is so different from mine. TFS.


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