Monday, April 1, 2013

graffiti invasion :)

Sweet friends,
I quickly realized that many young graffiti 'artists' came to visit my neighborhood, lately :). I saw a couple of youngsters in action [painting graffiti art, of course] while driving out one afternoon. I have mixed feelings about accepting graffiti, especially if they are promoting aggression. But hey, I'm all for LOVE & peace and happy colors :). Here are some of the colorful 'street art' that I saw within a hundred steps from where my apartment is;

Could he be a Chinese judge of some kind?. 

This one is funny. I think it is an electrical pole and with some paint it had turned into a WW11 bomb, maybe? I must stick a LOVE word on this bomb :).

Poor Salvador Dali with a square head :).

Could she be a green power rangers of some kind?. I don't read Manga or any comics :). But she is everywhere.

Like here, driving a super car.

And here, she is depicted painting a wall!.

And again, it's her. She is now an astronaut. Could be an alien, LOL. This is a two-day-old-painting I saw the other day.

Do you have a mixed feeling about them too ?. For one, I think these artists vandalized the parking lots & electrical poles pretty well :). I think, they belong to be in a dedicated street in town. Not so close to someone's home, I hope.

Truth is, it is a waste of energy to feel bad about this. So, I chose to feel good and imagining myself living in a creative, expressive and colorful urban art district. And they are quite cute actually :). 

Have a great week everyone!. HUGS.


  1. Love graffiti!!! But I agree with you, they should not be out of hatred!

  2. These are so amazing and cute, happy art!! I have mixed feelings too about this. I'm all for the happy graffitti but not the mean kind. They should be careful whrere the do this and be respecful of the people that live nearby. Not everyone wants to see this everyday while driving/walking around.

    We have RR tracks on our road and we are always surprised at how much graffitti is on the train cars, mostly good and some not so good.

    IT is good to keep good feelings about this though, you are right. Thanks for sharing these amazing pieces with us!

    Hope your week is sunny and warm! HUGS!

  3. Wow Shahrul! I absolutely love all of your amazing photos! I did not realize how many graffiti artists there are! I am goign to be on the look-out for them now! I know that I saw some up at Penn State, where our daughter goes to college!

  4. Such creative graffiti art! I really enjoy seeing things like this but do NOT appreciate the graffiti marks gang members or vandals use just to make a ruin of something nice-like a beautiful building or a pretty fence. There is much more good sent out if it's something done out of joy.

  5. I agree with you on this. Any graffitis should not show show negativities since they are always at where people and kids can see. The government should create or dedicate an area where graffiti artists can freely do their thing. I love to see them too cos's they are always so colorful!

  6. WOW! that is some pretty amazing graffiti. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  7. It's an interesting question. I like it, but I can see how in a residential area it may be overwhelming. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  8. Oh I heart I heart! I LOVE graffiti! I like to pretend I'm a tagger when I'm outside spray painting flamingos in my Hello Kitty pajamas :) Fantastic colors, designs and inspiration!



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