Tuesday, April 16, 2013

faux terrarium, oh so fun !

Dearest all,
any sign of warm weather yet? :). I enjoy tending my tiny, potted, windowsill garden lately. Added two more new plants and potting some veg seeds. [Wishing all the luck in the world for them to grow]. We have great weather lately, sunny mornings and afternoon rain showers. Perfect for gardening!.

Tiny, faux terrarium :). That's a quarter for scale.

Today, I like to share another fun & simple craft. I've been wanting to make a fairy garden :). And making this tiny terrarium is the beginning. There is nothing living in there, except a moss-covered pebble :).

Materials for building a faux terrarium. 
[Craft wires and moss-covered pebble are not shown in the picture].

Dried ferns. They'd been pressed under thick books & bricks for two weeks. 

I used a tiny pie tin as the base and tied it up to a small glass bottle with a craft wire. That way, they'd be sturdy and not wobbly. But first, I applied a generous amount of mod podge (or any PVC glue) to stick the ferns all over the bottle. Then dried thoroughly. I love the slight opague tint on the glass bottle from the glue.

Real ferns, roots and all.

I collected some moss-covered pebbles on my walk yesterday. They were for my garden, but I thought adding a tiny one into the glass bottle would be cool.

Tiny moss garden in a bottle.

Hope you can see the moss. If I had super powers, I would make me tiny enough to get in here and read a book for a while :). To be surrounded by giant ferns!.

Then, I stamped dragonflies all over the glass wall with brown Stazon. How fun that they're visiting :).

Stamped dragonflies.

 This is a perfect little gift for any garden lovers, plants collectors or just anyone who love curiosities :). Easy maintenance, no need to water at all. Well, maybe a little mist now and then for the moss :). A good idea to place it on your work table, it'll be handy should you need to look at something green :). In my case, I placed it next to my potted plants on the windowsill. Hope the fairies would find it, amusing :).

Fairy terrarium, amongst my potted plants.

So, be inspired with all things green this month!. If you need more ideas of botanical-related crafts, take a peek at my post here; Inspiration Botanical. Have a great week!. HUGS.


  1. Oh how cute this is, LOVE IT!! So fun to create little things to enjoy isn't it. Those stamped dragonflies are a brillant add on to the jar. Have fun admring your moss/ferns/greenery this spring.

    Rich can't wait to start his garden, his seeds came in the mail. Going to be wet/rainy this week but maybe this weekend he will start.

    Happy Spring to you! HUGS!

  2. Such a sweet project. Love the stamped dragonflies. :)

  3. Stunning project Shahrul & I can see such awesome fun putting it together too!!

  4. What a wonderful idea. Perfect for someone like me who doesn't have much space..


  5. a very sweet and creative project Shahrul! I love that it takes up very little space but provides you with such happy thoughts with the greenery.

  6. Oh wow..great idea Shahrul! I just posted in my blog on the leaves at home...and I love this terrarium! I saw in Yuna's Instagram on how she makes this terrarium recently. Yours is less maintenance, sounds good to me! Lol!

  7. Adorable Shahrul! I love a plant that doesn't need watering! I just made a real succulent terrarium over the weekend and the thing is already half dead...so there ya go...from now on I'll be using your genius method of Mod Podge and pressed plants :)


  8. Hey Shahrul I loved this project a lot !I loved ferns and get them every year from nursery for my garden ..but they never sustain in hot Indian summer,specially in my part with water shortage in summers !This is nice idea to trap them !!

  9. I just saw this and I totally love it! Must definitely try it! I wish I were a fairy to sit for some time on the mossy pebble!


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