Saturday, April 20, 2013

beautiful fabric finds

Sweet friends,
I went to the flea market this morning, looking for some floral fabrics. Can't be happier when I found these silk hankies and crocheted cottons. All of these for only RM$5.00! (RM = Malaysian Ringgit, that's about US$1.50). What a steal :). I need lots more for making fabric books, though.

Love the soft petals.

Cherry blossoms with gold centers.

I think these are some kind of fabric coasters or food covers.

Simple embroidery never fails to impress me :).

Wish I could crochet these scallops.

This one has stain on it, which make it extra special :).

I'm hoping to share more of my flea market finds with you in the coming weeks. A little gem every now and then. I used to be impulsive when I go junking, but now I'm training myself to be more selective and STICK to my budget! LOL. Until then, have a great weekend!. HUGS.


  1. hi Shahrul-love your special finds! Oh, good thing we dont live close...we could really do some dammage to that budget of yours! :)

  2. Great find Shahrul. I went to Amcorp today and got myself a white lantern. But it's not vintage. First time I came back with 1 single item! Normally, I splurge just like you...hehe...need to control budget too ...

  3. what a wonderful bargain for these beautiful fabric finds!! I just know you'll come up with something special for them!

  4. Now I REALLY need to go to flea market with you..... great finds!!!!

  5. How pretty these are, great price too. I'm sure you will do something creative and amazing with them when you can. It is hard to stay on a budget isn't it but also makes us really look for what we will use and really love.

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. Oh my gosh Fabric books? I've seen up close and personal what you can do with paper and can only imagine the magic you will create with these lovely fabrics. You can't beat that price either...not with a stick! I almost feel as though my local flea market it ripping me off...I want to come thrifting with YOU :)


  7. Oh my goodness! All of these fabrics are soooooooo beautiful! I especially love the different textures! Thanks for sharing some beauty with us!


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