Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the woods outside

Dearest friends,
I am working hard to ground myself lately, as you would notice in my last post. And I'm grateful for all the greenery around my apartment which we all could enjoy for the longest time. 

I'm sharing with you some joy I have seen just next to my apartment building. Some scenes I've never shared with you before;

Greens, every where I look.

Wild banana trees, ferns and some evergreens. Even the rocks are covered with moss, thanks to the high humidity in our area.

So friends, not all is lost. These are my idea of 'joy'. I LOVE the quiet, the soothing green which calms me. There is a little lane behind my apartment which leads to the main street. On weekdays, it can be busy with cars passing by. Despite that, we are blessed with birds songs every single day :).

I love this little bridge, nice reading nook I would think :).

My favorite view, never fails to make me smile every time I walk pass here :).

I'm working on some cool projects lately, will share as soon as I'm done. Till then, HUGS.


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing this. Great view, great photos! Happy Wednesday! :)

  2. Shuhrul, thanks so much for sharing some gorgeous GREENS here today. I need to see green and keep me hoping for spring to come soon. It's been blustry cold here this week and won't be warming up till the weekend. Hoping the warm weather will finally stay this time. We do have little peeks of blooms in our yard finally and I think my liliac trees are blooming, they didn't last year so reallllly hoping they will this year.
    Your pictures feel like JOY to me as well. What a pretty and fun town you live in. I love when you share pictures of it and what inspires you outside your home. How fun to have a little bridge to walk on.
    Looking forward to your projects when done!! Have a great day my friend! HUGS!

  3. What a beautiful walk among the lush greens-thank you! It's been unseasonably cold and windy here so unfortunately we're not seeing much greenery yet.

  4. How wonderful to live in such a place with all the beautiful greenery. Its mostly brown here in the desert..


  5. I'm not even there and I'm feeling the calmness of the scenery. That is just beautiful. Count your blessing for the view you's waaaay better than the power line I have :(

  6. wow...i love greeen!! how i missed old time hiking and exploring in the jungle....tFS


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