Monday, April 22, 2013

would it be cool to live in a giant terrarium??

Sweet friends,
The rain storm had just passed. You do NOT believe how loud the thunders were and so scary lightnings!. And the wind!. I was praying hard that the wind would be gentle on the trees, I hate seeing them fell. And then my poor cats, ha ha. I don't think they are that brave :). Now, it is cool & nice. However, I did enjoy a sunny morning today. The light was stunning and I quickly grabbed my camera. Seeing these plants & trees make me feel like I'm living in a giant terrarium!. Semi terrarium. [the building has only two sides of large glass walls]. Funny, I blogged about making tiny terrariums just days ago. 

I'm sharing some photos from the food court, next to my apartment building. [which is why I never have to cook, you see. LOL]. It seems like I'm the only one who is so crazy of taking photos outdoors, around here!. Are they THAT busy? :). Or am I THAT nuts?. I hope they think I'm a journalist :).

A wild banana tree grows so close to the glass wall beside the West staircase.

Thick ground cover, overlooking the power plant. It is always shady in this part.

A papaya tree. No clue if it is female, or a male tree. I can't see the flowers.

Papaya tree close up.

This is the glass wall on the other side. See what I meant by living in terrarium? :).

A glimpse of my apartment building, on the right. Love the woody area behind it which I fondly called a forest. Yup, that is a coconut tree :).

Wild banana trees on the foreground. I saw someone cut up the leaves one year. Bet they were for some Indian banana leaf restaurants somewhere :).

When it rains so much, even the pavement is pretty with moss.

I don't know what these tiny plants are. I took home a piece for my window garden :).

So, that's it. Good job that you'd stayed this far :). I hope you'll have a great week. HUGS.


  1. Shahrul, you are so fun and inspiring!! I love your sense of adventure in picture taking, your not crazy at all!! People think I'm crazy too with my photos and especially when I tell them about my love for Project Life, their eyes get that glazed over look and they stop listening to me. But that's ok, it's in my heart and I can't stop it now.

    These are gorgeous and how cool that they are right next door to you. OH HOW I WISH TO LIVE NEAR YOU!! We would have fun taking walks together and enjoying the outdoors.

    Those last pictures make me want to do some mazes now, LOVE the designs and the moss/greenery coming out of the cracks, so neat!!

    Not sure I could/would live in a here but it sure is nice to see them thru your camera and words.

    The forest in your yard is so full and lovely!!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us! HUGS!
    p.s. thanks for enjoying my Disney posts, should have the beach one up tomorrow!

  2. It would be so much fun to live in a giant terrarium, Shahrul! K absolutely loved seeing your cool photos and reading about them! I especially love the moss around the stones! Very cool!!!

  3. O wow, it's beautiful where you live! My grandfather was from Indonesia and told me so many beautiful stories about it. Your photos remind me of that :)
    Thank you so much for your sweet visit and comment on my blog. Hugs and happy day wishes, Wendy

  4. I wouldn't mind living in a giant terrarium if there no caterpillars, leeches, worms or aanything squiggly wiggly to terrorise me.. LoL!

    Your photos are soothing to look at Shahrul! They are so green!!! Lovely!

  5. I do love seeing your photos. So pretty and green. I would love to live somewhere that has all that green..


  6. It makes me feel good just looking at all those green!!!! Awesome post!!!

  7. Love it ... oh how I have missed your posts while I was away on holidays!LOL Keep the adventures coming Shahrul!! xoxo


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