Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY junk journal, Guest blogger, a Challenge & a Giveaway!

Hello friends!
I've been out for a while, I hope you don't missed me too much :). Today, I'm a guest blogger at my friend Yvonne's blog,  Do More With Less. She has great eyes for colors, texture and blings and I'm forever loving her bold, happy artwork!. 

So for this fun assignment, I made a  junk journal, out of mostly ... junk :). Well, treasures actually. And, I'm hosting a challenge there as well. Come take a peek HERE and have a chance at winning my little give away!. 

Here's what I made;
My small junk journal, measures only 6" X 4" in size.

Front cover, with pressed flowers.

I 'trapped' flowers by stitching around a plastic folder to keep them in-place.

Delicate nature.

I LOVE using different textures and materials in my projects. Read more on how I used up papers & fabric scraps, making this junk journal at Do More With LessTime to rid off that junk mails and unwanted flyers, don't you think? :).

The back cover. Botanical specimens are beautiful against any printed pages.

Stitching specimens is the funnest part of making this journal, really :).

I picked up various leaves & flowers while out walking. Pressed them underneath heavy books (or better, bricks) for about two weeks. The heavier, the shorter it takes :). 

I LOVE junk journals. Why?. There are NO RULES!. Mismatch everything. Go wild :). Tear & distress. It's raw and fun. Endless list of embellishments; store bought, hand-made, re-cycled things, your children's precious artwork, your little doodles, secret love notes etc. 

Lets see some of the pages inside this junk journal;

Ripped pretty prints from magazines as embellishment.

Stitching on frayed fabrics make your journal looks organic.

Plastic inserts with embedded pretty things. You may add buttons or pictures in it too.

Pencil doodling on fabric.

Mini herbarium, don't you think?.

More 'trapped' plants.

I added a pen holder, salvaged from an old diary :). Handy to take notes later.

 Simple embellishments: tags, postage stamps and washi tapes.

Embossed scraps :).

Are you ready for a challenge??. You are welcome to create ANY projects, but you MUST include some stitching in them. Whether it hand-stitching, or machine-stitching ... anyway that strikes your fancy :). Link your projects to the guest blogger post and I'll let Yvonne choose a winner :). 

I'll send one lucky winner, a junk journal kit. So you can make one yourself :). 

Would you like to win this junk journal kit? [I'll mail to anywhere in the world:)].

Come, put your creative hats on and play along!. Good Luck!. And thank you for reading my post today. Hope you'll join my challenge :). Once again, hop on to Do More With Less, link up your creations there. Can't wait to see what you make!. HUGS.


  1. Hello there, yes I did miss you!! So happy to see this post and be inspired by your amazing projects!!

    WOW, you ROCK at journal making, each one is so unique and filled with lots of love and fun.

    What a great idea for this one, how cool to sew in all the pieces of nature, LOVE IT!! Drooling over all the papers/filler pages, they all look so happy and colorful!!
    A challenge sounds fun too, will see if I have time and use my mom's sewing machine. I LOVE to stitching on things too.
    Thanks so much for this today and I will jump over to the link and read it too.

  2. I swear, you are poured into every single bit of your creations. You make this all look so easy. I'm just in love with this priceless junk journal!!!!!
    Amazing creation and truly inspiring. :)
    hugs to you!
    Lisa x

  3. What a gorgeous journal!! I just love how you captured the specimens in the plastic cover-how clever and pretty! Such a fantastic way to use up leftovers from a stash.
    Oops, just reminded me I need to finish some ATCS for you :)

  4. WOWZER! What a great giveaway and AMAZING journal! I love this concept - and congrats on your feature, this is beautiful :)
    Oh, and Yay for SOC3 - so happy to have you play along again :) xoxo

  5. Oh My goodness. What an amazing junk journal. I LOVE it. I think you are one of the most creative gals I know.

    I am off to Yvonne's blog to check it out.


  6. Love your fun and happy junk journal! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  7. This journal really rocks. I love everything about it!
    Thanks for being my awesome guest my friend! :)

  8. Girl you could make something amazing out of a burnt piece of toast! Your ability to turn "trash" into treasure never ceases to amaze me. I'm going to start a box to fill with treasure for you to reinvent in true Shahrul style! I have so much treasure/trash squirreled away that needs to be reborn and you my friend are the girl for the job :)

    Love this beautiful journal! Every little tid bit and square inch of it!


  9. Fantastic work Shahrul. Love the leaves in plastic piece. They are wonderfuly made. Coincidence I made myself a junk journal too, but more of using my scraps of papers that I need to reduce. They are piling up..hahah...

  10. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I did make this little album from scrap pieces of paper a little while ago, , but I hope to make one with material ect if I can find the time !

  11. Shahrul! Your album is absolutely fantastic and so full of amazing details. I love how organic it feels! You are so full of talent - thank you so much for sharing a little bit of you with us!!!

  12. Fabulous book! Love the stitching. Hope all is well... miss your posts!

  13. Oh wow Shahrul, what a great project, stunning!! I love junk journals. Or any journal, may it be fabric, art, written etc. :) Love the nature finds you added too.
    hugs, Wendy

  14. Oh! I am so happy to have discovered this post from you, friend!!!! This is one of the most gorgeous, creative, fun journals I have ever seen! Wow. Beautiful, beautiful! You are a dear, creative lady. Thank you, too, for the lovely comment on my blog, about my Mom coming home. I am so touched. You are so good to me. Have a great day! Kathy

  15. Love your little scrappy book and I'm busy collecting ready to do mine. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog about Storytelling Sunday.


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