Tuesday, March 5, 2013

springtime pages

Dear friends,
Is it still cold out there?. Do you wish for an early spring?. I'm enjoying sunny weather lately, with blue sky and gentle breeze. It's weird that some trees shedding their leaves now but it is pretty to see them blown by the breeze. I always smile at that. Today, I'm sharing some pages from my old book, little watercolor drawings that remind me of springtime :). Enjoy!.

This one is for all love birds :).

and new buds in the garden.

springtime in Paris :).

Spring break, maybe?.

make believe vine heels :).

saw a sweet flamingo in Molie Makes, I had to draw it.

I love meringues!. Though I can't bake, I certainly can buy :)

Have a blooming week, everyone. HUGS.


  1. hi Shahrul...love your sweet colored images on the book pages :) One of my favorite things to do...love book pages.

  2. Just love these Shahrul. You are so good at drawing. Sweet colours of spring. ;)

    Wish it was a lot cooler though. February was so rainy and nice.

  3. How springish and fun your drawings are, they made me smile!! I think the bike is my favorite but LOVE them all!! Those vine shoes are pretty amazing and so pretty! My hubby can't wait to plant his garden. All of these are making me wish more for springtime!! Thanks so much for this spring post, just what I needed today! HUGS!

  4. Thank you for that wonderful blast of Spring. The have suitcase and shoes will travel pages were a hoot and your flamingo is gorgeous! Is it true that you can't make meringue on a cloudy day? Heard that somewhere...
    Love when you show off your paintings...they are always the best!
    L x

  5. Yummy pages my friend ... why am I suddenly in the mood for sweets I wonder? LOL. Your art work is , as always, beautiful and calming, serene and divine! xoxo

  6. Yes I am smiling once again. LOVE these pages. The print in the back ground look so cool.

    The weather is perfect right now here in the desert. But It is going to be really hot before we know it.


  7. oh such happy thoughts of Spring!!! It's still cold where i live and we're expecting some snow tomorrow but our clocks will change next weekend(longer daylight before the sun sets) and I can hear by the birds songs that we're not far away :)

  8. Truly, a piece of art! I can't stop admiring your bicycle and macaroons!!!!

  9. These are so lovely! So beautiful on the book pages. Every time I visit I realize how much I am missing by not keeping up.

  10. beautiful pages Shahrul..love your water-colouring...
    sangat cantikkks..


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