Monday, March 25, 2013

look what I found yesterday?

Dear friends,
how was your weekend?. I spent a good part of yesterday at the flea market in town. Just enjoying the good weather and be inspired by all these old treasures. Learned a thing or two on pieces I haven't seen before. And going down the memory lane as I walked pass some of childhood things and toys :). That was the best part.

Second best part was bringing home stuff!. Look what I found. Super tiny glass bottles and a cool Bond bag. Ha!. 

The name is Bond :). HOT storage.

This is what I called, an ugly beauty. 

It's an old traveling make up bag, I think. Small & flat enough for easy packing. I just thought that it would be perfect to keep small drawings or postcards.

LOVE the green hues. They are the closest I could get to sea glass :). They stand about 1" to 1.5" tall. Cute.

They could be old Chinese ointment bottles. Can't wait to use them in my art!.

They do remind me of my favorite movie, 'Message In A Bottle'. How neat to hide secret notes in them, and wear them as pendants. Or keep them in old books' windows. Do you have favorite ways to use old bottles?. 

I took some photos from the indoor flea market;

Aerial view of Amcorp Mall, where the flea market is held every Saturday & Sunday. Red tables with goodies on all four floors!.

Joe's Mac; they buy & sell new/used art, and collectibles.

Love old tiffins, my grandmother used to pack food in these :).

Look at that funky bottles. Wish I know how to make little ships.

Dainty old china.

Boys & men love these!!. I'm not kidding :). 

There are more lovely things to see in here. The food is great too. I LOVE having shaved ice, sitting in the corner of the restaurant facing the lake. And sketch!. Someday, I'll take you here for a tour :). Have a great Monday everyone!. HUGS.


  1. WOW.. That looks like fun. I can't wait to see what you make with that case..


  2. Oooooh...looks like a treasure trove for an altered artist! I should stay a weekend in KL huh? *winks*

  3. Oh I could easily spend a whole day there-wow!! Love your botles Shahrul.I know you're going to do something beautiful with them! I can't wait til our weather gets warm and the outdoor flea markets arrive again.

  4. awww..... I want to go thrifting with you Shahrul, I remember those enamel ware, my grandma used them too, and the kettle, I remember she filled it up with coffee every morning with that. I started collecting rose dinner ware about a year ago, I got tons of saucer and small plate, just haven't found enough dinner plate, now I am itching to go to malaysia just for that, will you take me to the thrift store?

  5. Don't you just love the flea market? Hehe... I love to see people discussing about their latest finds with group of friends over teh Tarik or coffee at the mamak store at LG. love the environment...


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