Saturday, March 2, 2013

tiniest stamp album

Dear friends,
I still have a few pieces of crumpled brown paper bags left. And I felt like making a tiny book and do a little sewing yesterday. Itchy fingers, LOL. I collect stamps when I was in primary school and only last year I started collecting again. Sadly, they now have a shoe box to call home :P. 

Yesterday, I did a test. Sewing a tiny stamp album. I LOVE it, maybe I should do more of these!. For different themes, maybe. I'm so happy that these might just work. 

And this one, to house a few stamps from the British Royal family & castles. I just sewed some plastic sleeves to the paper bags to keep the postage stamps in place. This tiny album measures about 2.5" X 3.5", so small with minimal sewing :). I just stapled all the pages in the middle and decorated the cover with a piece of linen scrap.

 A little flower patch for the front cover.

A suede leather for closure.

A simple stamping on linen for the back cover.

Let me share a few of the pages inside; 

I also added pages with some rags & buttons, just for fun;

I love to keep little scraps, be it papers or fabric. You never know when you need to use them :). I think, tiny projects like this stamp album is a perfect way to use up junk mails with plastic windows!. Just stitch around to make little sleeves. Easy  & fun way to display your stamp collection and recycling. Hope you'd give a try :). Take care all!. HUGS. 


  1. Oh my Shahrul, you've done it again!! Each time you just AMAZE ME with your talents and IDEAS!! This is sooooo cute, I love tiny things and this one is melting my heart!
    How perfect this is for your stamps, I love the little stitching and the royality stamps and the cover and well ALL OF IT!!!
    I soooo wish we lived closer, would love to come drink tea with you and craft!!
    LOVE LOVE THIS!! Keep WOWING me Shahrul, makes my day to see your beautiful projects!

  2. I am just loving your cute little stamp album. Every page is amazing.. Such a wonderful idea to put those stamps to use.


  3. Clever idea when you want to swap stamps! I have stamp albums too and mine was since 1970's where my dad and mom started it in the beginning. They became mine when I turned 7. Still have it. But not collecting anymore. Once in a while we buy stamps from the flea market too...hehe..anyways, great work on this one Shahrul!

  4. This is so sweet and creative and lovely. You are amazing. Really. Hugs, kathy

  5. Have I told you lately what a brilliant mind you have? I love learning what you do to make your gorgeous projects. You always inspire me and now I'm going to go dig through the trash for the bountiful supply of junk mail that got pitched. I love this idea! Your mini stamp album is FABULOUS!
    hugs to you,
    Lisa xx

  6. what a darling little book to display postage stamps Shahrul!! You are such a lovely artistic soul.Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  7. OMG, this is such an amazing little album, luv it and your attention to detail. Thanks for sharing. Ü
    Happy week-end,

  8. What a beautiful little book... love how you stamped on different fabric/paper to create so much interest. Just lovely!

  9. Love this, so striking and so so so cute!


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