Friday, March 15, 2013

a walk we will go

Hello there,
I love astronomy, stargazing, E.Ts and Ancient Aliens series, of course! :). Today, I like to share some photos I took from my recent visit to the National Planetarium. It is located on a hill, surrounded by beautiful nature and just a few minutes walk from the Botanical Garden. And I'm lucky to live just half an hour walk from this place :). This year, the planetarium is celebrating it's 19th birthday. Grab a cuppa, get comfortable and lets tour!;

The entrance to the National Planetarium. [Its a pity that they turned off the cascading water fountain].

A sunny, but hazy day out. Quiet a work out to get up here :).

A sun dial. Can you tell what time I got up here?. 
Hint : look at the line shadow :). Yup, 10 am.

Lets check out the tallest part of the building, shall we?. 
The observation deck.

Looking down from the observation deck. On the top left is the National Museum.

LOVE these big trees.

Another wicked tree I saw on the other side of the hill.

Kuala Lumpur skyline from the tower, looking east (I think). I have seen better days with blue sky and whispy clouds.

Lets go inside. There are a lot of cool displays that I can't possibly share here :). Experiments, cool scientific games for the kids, astronomical models & idol astronauts, memorabilia of space travels, Malaysian astronaut & space program, anti-gravity room (I can't stand 2 minutes in there, so dizzy!), space movie theater and lots more.

Mars rover model. Can't believe it is now up there, exploring :).

A movie of the Mars space exploration is shown in the aisle.

Many stunning astronomical photographs displayed in the gallery.

'A Tribute to Neil Armstrong' exhibition in another room.

Humbling words from the man, himself. [Some people believe that moon landing was a hoax]. 

LOVE this model of the International Space Station (ISS). It orbits the Earth, 15 times a day!.

This reminds me a lot of the movie 'Armageddon'.

In the movie, Hollywood blew up the then Russian Space Station (MIR) while the space cowboys refueling their rockets on their way to drill the oncoming asteroid. I have to smile at that.

The Malaysian astronauts. Guys, I'm so proud of ya!. On the left, is a video showing the 'Survival' exercise they did in the Russian wilderness. Only one was selected for the journey though. Dr. Faiz Khaleed and Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar (waving).

A replica of Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar's space suit.

The third astronaut, yours truly. It may be for the kids, but hey, no ones looking. Ha!. 

The best part, watching movies in the Space Theater. And I always get the top seat (just a row above the circle ledge) every single time :).

I can't tell you enough, how amazing it was to sit up there, in partial darkness, surrounded by billions of galaxies in 360 degree view. Humbling. Felt so small. Longing for home.

This picture doesn't do justice. I need to learn taking better pictures in pitch darkness!. We are watching 'Across the Universe: The Voyager', by the way.

And, we were out again. 

This is my favorite spot, sitting underneath the bamboo shades. In the distance, you could almost see the replica of the Stonehenge and another ancient observatory.

I LOVE looking up to the sky. 

On windy days, you can hear the bamboos 'sing'. The soft soothing sound they make when their hollow trunks are brushing againts one another.

I hope you had fun, coming along :). Though our planetarium is tiny compares to that of Houston Johnson's Space Center, but it's a treasure :). With that, wishing you great weekend ahead!. HUGS.


  1. cool pictures! they are having an activity with Sheikh M. next Saturday in conjuction with the Earth Hour. Ive been harping on Mr Hubby to go unless he insist to balik kampung jugak..aiseyy.
    i thought nak bawak my son..the Ahmad Faiz Muzaffar..hehe to meet him personally.

  2. I always enjoy coming along on your walks and seeing your gorgeous photos. This time I'm glad I was able to join in at the top of that incredibly long staircase! Beautiful shots. When you come to NY I know we'll have to go to the Hayden Planetarium.

  3. WOW, this was so fun and educational for me!! I am in awe at all those steps you walked up, that view down was breathtaking!! How fun that you sit at the same top seat each time, also brave of you. I always sit down at the bottom, afraid of heights. We have a space muesuem but I've never been to it, seeing yours makes me want to now. These were all amazing to see! I LOVE LOVE the trees, always my favorite. How nice and warm it looks there, we havea dusting of snow again.
    Thanks so much for this walk with you, what a great tour guide you are. Happy Weekend to you!

  4. I loved your little tour though the planetarium. Thanks so much for taking us along. I just love all the green there. So different than here in the desert. Everything is brown.

    Such great photos. Thanks again for taking us.


  5. Thanks for taking us for a walk in a wonderful place full of greenery and gorgeous views!

    And you were right, I am saying Hello to you from San Francisco!!! : )

  6. Your photos are so awesome! I love and have always loved planetariums! Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful day!!!!!

  7. what a cool post Shahrul- Love the clock/dial...awesome. Oh, and I like the shirt below this post too :)

  8. I'm in awe of that staircase! A pity indeed that the cascading water fountain was off that day but the magnificent view makes up for it. Wih I was there :)


  9. How fun it must be! Love the view from the top!


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