Sunday, July 1, 2012

Battered Wall Collage

Hello all,
I managed to squeeze a little time to do a couple of journal pages last night. They were inspired these photos;

My finished pages:

I first covered both pages with masking tapes, horizontally.
Then I applied gesso and texture paste with a palette knife to exaggerate the horizontal lines.  Drew little circles with brown water-soluble crayon and smudged with wet finger. Spritzed some water to dilute the browns some more. The resulting texture mimics the white retaining wall in the photo.

Let dry, then collage random patches of burlaps, cotton linens, washi tapes and odd metal objects. Sprinkled yellow acrylic ink at random spots while spritzing with water. Turned the journal upside-down, left and right to let the yellow ink dripped all over the pages. Love how the rags collage mimics the dilapidated wooden door. 

I think these had to be my chunkiest journal pages, ever!. LOL. Chunky pages are fun. So that's it. Just playing with random collage :). Have a good weekend!.


P/s: Don't forget, LESSology Challenge #15: Bookend is ending soon on July 1st, 11.59 pm EST. Come on join us to have a chance at winning a $25 gift certificate from EAD Designs!


  1. hi Sharul :) LOVE the chunkieness! lol great pages and metal additions!

    1. Hey Jane. I can't help myself, I kept touching the metal buckle & key every time I open the journal. LOL. Thanks!.

  2. Great page..! The colours are perfect. Must be awesome to touch!

    1. Nothing beats feeling the surface of a completed journal. When I read someone's journal, I'm not a bit shy to touch every page. LOL.

  3. this is wonderful Shahrul! I love seeing how your photos inspire you to create.

  4. i like seeing your process! :)


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