Sunday, July 1, 2012

Handmade Stamps and 'Make A Gift' Winner!

Dear friends,
I have seen artists (and scrappers alike), make their own rubber stamps and I'm intrigued. 

Recently, I tried making some using rubber erasers and the carving set. I have some linoleum squares but I haven't tried on them yet. Liking the erasers just because they're much thicker and easier to carve.

Here are some stamps I made;

It's awesomely fun to make your own stamps. You can create your personalized stamps for everything; cards, bookmarks, labels, even pendants. Love it.

And ...

I'm excited to announce the winner of my doily necklace & bracelet blog giveaway. They go to;

Congratulations, Kathy. Please send me your mailing address to my email,, so I could deliver these lovelies to you soon.

I appreciate your kind words and all your support. Come visit often and stay awhile :).



  1. How cool is this girl?! Now she makes her own stamps...ooolalala.....bravo!
    Love it...

    1. Try it, senang je. But errrrr, needs steady hands!.

  2. Can you say AWESOME!!! I tried my hand on carving my own and they sucked...yours rock :)

  3. I cant believe how easy you make this look! Your staps are fantastic! I have carved some, but not for a while, and never from an have inspired me! I will carve again very soon. THANK YOU for the giveaway win! I cant believe I won!!! I am so excited!! This set is so beautiful! Thank you!! Kathy

    1. Anytime, Kathy!. I love to bring some smile into people's life and one way of doing this is by sharing my art :). Thank you for the mailing addy, will send them soonest. And it's totally fun to make these stamps, I remembered my late grandmother made stamps from potatoes when we were kids :). Steady hands, help. LOL.

  4. WOW, these stamps came out so nice, cool designs you picked for them. What size erasers are they? I've only seen small ones the kids use for school.

    Have wanted to make these but my hands are not that steady. Will give it a try one day though, they are so fun.

    I peeked at your previous post and WOW those art journal pages came out fantastic, Love where you got the inspriation to make them. I can see how much fun you have in your art journals, lucky for us that you share them.

    1. Hi, Dawn. I used the biggest erasers I could find in bookstores. They're about 3 cm X 7.5 cm in size. Try it someday, it'll be awesome for your Project Life album :). Good luck!

  5. congrats to the lucky winner of that gorgeous necklace. Nice stamp carving Shahrul. I've been taking an online class and am loving carving my own stamps. I have posts of it on my blog.


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