Thursday, July 5, 2012

LESSology Challenge #16 : Bubble Boy or Girl (Full Reveal)


Dear friends,
Here is to share what I made for LESSology Challenge #16: Bubble Boy or Girl

It's a simple recycled door-knob sign for a baby boy's room!. How fun it is to use simple everyday items like bubble wraps, a circle binder, fabric scraps, ribbons, crochet flowers and a funky metal owl clip (flea market find) in this project.

I used a circle binder that is big enough to go through door knobs. For this project, I chose not to use bubble wraps as a medium for stamping but paint the letters 'SHH' on the bubble wrap instead. I used blue thread to better outline the letters. So, just put the sign up on the door when the baby is sleeping :). LOVE how the metal owl clock shows baby's sleeping time :).

Our sponsor for this month's challenge is the most talented Heidi Myers and she is offering a seat to a winner to the second part of her "Words & Text" class!. You can read all about it here.

Can't wait to see how this challenge inspires you!. 



  1. I love your little door hanger project! Love the little details and how you did the letters! Awesome work Shahrul! :)

  2. Wow, this is awesome, Shahrul, beautiful way to recycle! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments!

  3. How sweet this is and creative. Came out so cute, great job!

  4. This is cute and awesome all in one!

  5. awe...great door hanger!!!

  6. This is THE sweetest thing EVER!!!

  7. Great door knob hanger! I love it! That owl clock is such a treasure. Mcm pernah tengok masa kecik2 dulu. It makes a clicking sound if you press it..maybe. Love how you have creatively use the bubble wrap ! Great work!

    1. Yup ... dulu ada katak hijau, remember?. It jumps. LOL. yeah I bought 3 of these owls, they're so cute I have to get them.


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