Thursday, November 1, 2012

I chose the former

I'm making journal pages with lots of glitter & gold today. Take a peek on the glitter & gold inspiration posted last week :). When I saw that pumpkin, I knew I had to use my hand-carved leaf stamp & the champagne acrylic paint in my journal. Here's what I made;

I'm still thinking about the rainbow I saw last week. And I found just the perfect quote for it. However, no idea who wrote it. [Can  you help?, so I could give a proper credit]. I definitely chose the former. Enjoy the beauty. Don't think I'll be out shoveling anytime soon :).

I first glued down TYPO tissue papers on blank pages. Applied some champagne-colored acrylic paint with a rubber brayer. When dried, stamped with white acrylic ink and pearl gold poster color. Dripped some white ink and stamped circles with a bottle lid. Lastly, added a few washi tapes, DYMO words and foam dots.

Multi-layers of paint & ink. The white intricate patterns is from hand-carved stamp, dabbed with white acrylic ink. I wrote the quote with a small brush, dipped in black india ink.

With all the layering, my pages are still TOO shiny!. 
LOL. I'll do better next.

I like to extend love & caring thoughts to anyone affected by Sandy. May you stay in comfort and warmth. 


  1. Warm, beautiful, and golden to wake up to! This is beautiful!!

  2. WOW, this is so warm and gorgeous!! Great drips of paint and yummy layers. This is a nice quote,have never heard it before. I LOVE THE LEAF STAMP!!! I was hoping you would do something in gold, LOVE THIS!! Hugs and prayers for all those effected by Sandy also!

  3. Awesome layers. Love the touch of gold. :)

  4. WOW!! What an awesome page. I love all your shiny layers. :)


  5. Your page is so beautiful, love the texture and the quote!

  6. Don't shiny and rainbow go hand in hand??? I think it's appropriate and what an encouraging sentiment my friend. :)

  7. what a fabulously detailed, layered and shining page!!

  8. i have no idea who wrote it, but what a wonderful saying. :)

  9. You just can't fake layers... these are intriguing. Love the drippage, too.

  10. an elegant page this one is....i love its simplicity yet striking page... rainbow and a pot of gold..hehe... yeah i remember mentioning that in one of your post on rainbow...if its all true; i dont mind digging..


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