Friday, November 30, 2012

follow me to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Sweet friends,
I apologized for being away so long :). I've been busy with a couple of assignments and I'm ready to share them with you any days now. I have got some urban sketching (on locations) done almost everyday in the last week or so. Such joy. Can't wait to share this too. I must say, I had a good tan with all the sunny mornings out!. Although, we still have rain storm every afternoon and I'm slowly withering, LOL. 

I've been meaning to bring you to visit another cool spot in KL. [Believe it or not, I am re-discovering my own city!]. Come check out KL City Gallery. Surprisingly, it is the newest tourist attraction here but the building was built in 1899.

This colonial building is located next to the Merdeka Square [I LOVE laying down on the big open field there & sketch!]. I sketched a lot here too, there are so many beautiful buildings to sketch :). The red brick tower with black dome is the Kuala Lumpur Library.

The main gallery.

I love the time-capsule idea to display the history of our city.

This is a model of one of historic mosque in town.

It reminds me of Taj Mahal. In reality the mosque has red-earth brick walls facade with white Moorish minarets.

This was Kuala Lumpur in 1884!. I have no words. Still in awe.

And this is Kuala Lumpur now. One day, I'll bring you touring PETRONAS Twin Tower :).

I love the doodles on the black walls. 

Cool industrial chic light bulbs too. Look like stars.

In this model, you can see the City Gallery on the far right, just opposite of the giant flagpole. That is Merdeka Square, where I normally rest after a long walk in town. I sketch a lot here too, sitting on the grass :). In the background you could see the etherial-like buildings, these are future development nearby.

You can read about the gallery's history here. I hope you'd fun with this little tour. Take care now and have a great Friday! :). Hugs.


  1. OOOhhhhhh ... what an inspired tour! I LOVED KL for the couple of weeks I spent there, this tour has taken me back again to that time ... it was a lovely city, but it was the lovely people I met there that really stood out! I ADORE these posts of yours Shahrul... can't wait for more! LOL hugs from Kel.

  2. Hello Shahrul,
    How fun this tour was, LOVE the big buildings and all the pops of red. Lucky you for having this place to sit and sketch at. Those models are amazing and the lightbulbs were COOL!! Thanks for taking us with you on your walk!HUGS!!

  3. Beautiful photos and I'm still in shock over the model photo..that's GORGEOUS!

  4. Oh my- this is without a doubt a gorgeous place to visit and of course it's on my bucket list of places to see :). I am envious of you in that warm sunshine and getting a tan-winter has set in here and already Ican't wait for summer again! The model of that mosque is absolutely stunning!!!Looking forward to your art inspired by your exploration of your beautiful city.

  5. What a wonderful Tour my friend. Looks like a beautiful place to live..


  6. I enjoyed your tour, as I have enjoyed my browse through the blog, great stuff.

    I have added your blog to my Blogger's Cafe:
    hope you approve. I used one of your images in the post.


  7. wow, what an awesome place to visit!!!!

  8. Niceee.....!! im appreciating KL even more....


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