Wednesday, September 26, 2012

over the rainbow

This rainbow quote from G.K Chesterton is brightly true, and I was inspired to capture its essence in my journal.

I realized that when things get tough, I just have to smile and take a deep breath for a while, and then I begin to feel slightly better :). Better enough to stop me from self-pity. Better enough to make me think of only goodness in a bad situation and start to work making it better. This is the WILL that we all posses. Blessed with. 

The ideas flow freely when I was making this :). I want the quote to be the focus while the rainbow background gives off a cheery mood. I started with aligning masking tapes on the pages as the base to write the quote. Then drawing over the pages with rainbow colored soft pastels. Finger-smudged with water to blend all the colors and let dry. Then peeled off the masking tapes and wrote the quote on the white spaces with sharpie pens. Added masking tapes here and there and outlined the alphabets with glitter gel pen for some variety.

This is surely a fun, simple journal :). The most important thing is the message I like to share with all you, dear ones.


  1. Beautiful rainbow colours and a great message!


  2. Oh, how pretty and bright the colors are!! I love the way you did this with tape and writing this wonderful message on. I needed to read these words today, the rain just keeps coming this week and makes my mood go down also. I need to look for those rainbows and new chances!!! Thanks so much for this inspiring post! HUGS!!

    WOW, this next post is so cute. What a great theme and photos for it. My favorite is the garden party and the last photo of the pretty teacup. Always fun when you pop in with these fun posts, thank you!!

  3. I forgot to add the new blog look is so pretty, LOVE IT and it's so YOU!!! Great job!

  4. What a lovely inspiartional quote. Funny, I posted a very similar quote recently but it was from Dolly Parton-pretty much the same thing but said differently.Love your uplifting spread!

  5. And what a perfect message it is. I just love your page and your message. So clever how you used the tape. I might have to try that.


  6. Love the fun masking technique and the rainbow! I just love how you used your Sharpies and glitter pen Shahrul! :)

  7. What is not to love about this great page! Love the warm design and quote!

  8. I kind of squealed (out loud) when I saw this this! Truer words have never been spoken. I wish there could be a rainbow every time it rains. Lucky for you, you have this beautiful journal page to remind you to look up instead of down when the elusive rainbow is no where to be found. This page makes me happy, happy HAPPY!


  9. What a beautiful rainbow! Love your masking technique. This one makes me happy too!


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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