Tuesday, September 18, 2012

follow me inside Central Market ...

Hello friends,
would you like to peek inside the Kuala Lumpur's craft center; Central Market?. [I must warn you that this post is picture heavy :)]. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and get comfortable. 

The tour starts here;
#1: The main entrance.

#2: View inside Central Market. Its main aisle lined with many small booths selling crafts and food. There are a few little lanes branching off this aisle which are full of goodies too, for examples;

#3: The Chinese Straits.
#4: The Malay Street.

There are many more lanes like these which I would share in the future. But for now, lets take a walk along the main aisle. Feast your eyes :).

#5: This shop is always so bright. 
Everyday is like Chinese New Year in here :).
#6: Chinese antique ceramic and wooden craft shop.

#7: Shop selling handmade glycerin soaps.
#8: Booth selling leather & silicon coin purses. 

#9: Decorative fans made of paper and silk.
#10: Plenty of shiny compact mirrors.

#11: Bohemian sling bags. LOVE.
#12: Wooden carved frames and clocks from the Malay Street.

#13: The lady is happy to know that I'm sharing her woven handicraft shop with the world :). Her goods are mostly made of rattan, pandan leaves and bamboo.

#14: Old Town Coffee shop. Love their spicy noodles. Sometimes I sit here sketching. Oh, that is an old chinese tri-shaw. The horses pull these cart around, as seen on the wall paper.
#15: Malay sweet snacks. Crunchy like the Chinese love letters.

#16: Snack attack!!. Sweet banana chips, spicy fish and prawn crackers to name a few.
#17: Malay decorative keris. Malay warriors of old (in the 1400s - 1900s) used them as weapon. Some families still have them as treasured heirloom. 

Lets go upstairs now.

#18: Kids LOVE this kite store. Our traditional kites are called 'WAU'. Wow, that is :).
#19: The big one is known as 'Wau Bulan' which means a moon kite. Yeah, it has a shape of a crescent moon.

#20: Shop selling handicraft from Sarawak, a state in the East Malaysia (part of the Borneo Island). Shown here are woven bags.
#21: Woven table runners. Looks much like 'Ikat' fabrics.

#22: A traditional kebaya (the shear top) worn with a batik sarong. The Malay and Chinese Baba Nyonya folks share very similar kebaya varieties. 

#23: Malay 'songket' table runners. The intricate woven embroidery are made of silver & gold threads. The cloth are made into elaborate wedding costumes for Malay brides & grooms.
#24: Lastly, a fun clock booth.

What a long walk. That was just from one place. 
I hope you had fun visiting :). And next time, I'll bring you to another part of the city :). 


  1. Wow- what an incredible place! Thanks for sharing all the photos and details!!

  2. Without a doubt, I've taken a wrong turn somewhere, lost the map and detoured, because I should be THERE! That was wonderful. I wanted to taste, feel and smell everything. Hurry up and stretch those legs out...I want more pictures! ;)

    1. LOL, come hurry this way!. They'll be plenty of inspirations to fill wary hearts!. Oh, I might want to rest a bit before next BIG tour :).

  3. Oh that was AWESOME!! I remember this market, I was overwhelmed when I walked in ... and exhausted by the time I walked out!! LOL Thank you for this gorgeous tour ... what a great blog post! HUGE hugs from Kel.

    1. yes, you have to stop for some nourishment and then continue to discover :). Glad you made it to the market the last time! Hugs back.

  4. Thanks for giving us a tour of the market...everything is so bright and colorful and lively! Loved seeing these pics...you captured everything so brilliantly!


    1. hi girl, I do hope that one day you will be able to come visit Kuala Lumpur :). They are lots of Indian food, Chinese and Malay dishes that you could enjoy!.

  5. oh my!!!! It would take me weeks and a month's pay to get thru this glorious place!!! Thank you for introducing me to a country I know nothing about. Of course, now it's another beautiful country to add to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your beautiful city.

  6. What an amazing place to walk thru, I was just tired walking here along side you. So many sights to see and be inspired by though, all those gorgeous colors cool things to see. Thanks so much for sharing them with us, hope you had a good rest afterwards.

    1. LOL, yup it is a big place. Time to stretch our feet now :). Thanks for coming along! :).

  7. Thanks so much my friend for taking us along with you. I just love seeing all your photos. I would have loved to gone shopping there. Looks wonderful.


  8. I am on inspiration overload with all those rich colors, patterns, and textures. Thanks for sharing!

    1. LOL, I know it was a long trip :). Glad you are inspired by the complexity of it all. Hugs.

  9. You made me proud to be Malaysians even more!! Hehe.....ive always loved CM! Used to stroll there during school and college days....i love going round at the back and see the painters at work. Wonder whether the same people are still there. I used to buy plenty of unique earrings, bangles here...and i remember there was one art shop upstairs by the first staircase near the entrance! Is it still there? As we enter, there used to be a mamak store on the left upstairs...i really need to come back again!! Must bring my son and let him see how beautiful this place is...thanks Shahrul! You made my day!!

    1. You did?. They have re-vamped the whole place, made it cleaner and more beautiful. Yup, the mamak kedai and the art gallery are both still there. I became the regular customer of the mamak store, they know I like to sketch there too :). LOL. And they are still painters/artist there, don't know if they were the ones you knew from before. But, yes it was an inspiring place to strolling there, and get inspired. We should go there sometime :).

  10. What a lovely blog you have! I was doing some blog hopping and found you. This is really a fantastic place...if I didn't live on the other side of the planet, I'd hop right over.

    Greetings from Germany


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