Saturday, September 15, 2012

save your page!

Dear ones,
I have to smile at the newest post of Art Journal Cafe today :). I have LOTS of PAGES needed saving! lol. The challenge inspires me to try save one spread I'm not the least happy with. 

Ouch. I do not like it.

With one intention in mind, I gave some happy thoughts and started to work. In about 2 hours, they became these;

I sponged all over some pink acrylic paint, stenciled patterns with aqua acrylic paint and then stamped large circles with various sizes of can lids. Then I wrote beautiful teachings from the internet with a little paint brush dipped in black india ink.

It is ALL about LOVE. Have you heard that, the scientists were able to determine the force holding all galaxies, stars, planets which we called 'gravity' is in truth; is COMPASSION??. But of course, the Tibetan monks knew this thousands of years before :).

Love the woven texture from the underlying scrap paper. I let part of the older mossy background shown through the new coats of paint. Simply because I LOVE Donna Downey's velvet iron-on words so much!.

That's it. One journal spread is saved. Ten more to go?. With this, I leave you another beautiful thoughts;

LOVE is the answer of all sufferings. 
Never cease to LOVE one another.


  1. WOW, this page is gorgeous!! Love the pink so much and the red dots!! I think your first page was good but this one is prettier. Love the circles and the WORDS YOU WROTE, SOOOOO TRUE. We all need to share and love more in this world. Great job saving your page and good luck with the next 10, lol

  2. Very creative piece of art. Nice words of inspiration, too.

  3. It is all about LOVE. I like your "saved" page spread, my friend! ...even though I did like the old one too!!! Pinks and aqua with black text is a favorite of mine, too, as far as color palettes go. Hope you are well! Kathy

  4. beautiful affirmations and so true. I really liked your pages at the start but adding the pink and aqua along with the writing did give it a softer feel. Love it!

  5. Unbelievable that you do all that writing by hand. You are truly skilled. As always, your blog is a refreshing and inspiring spot. :)

  6. wow, great job! love how you used the first attempt.

    thanks for playing with us at art journal café :)
    france, one of the frappuccinos

  7. What a fabulous transformation ! And I like also the intention that you share....thanks to have participated to our challenge
    Carol, one of the Frappucinos...

  8. I like your original page too! They are both awesome! I guess its like ' beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' la.... U think tak cantik, but i rasa gorgeous je....

  9. Love where you took this spread! You have mad ink and paintbrush skills for lettering!!

  10. Love these art jounral pages! You're serisouly talented...your blog is incredible ..your first page was incredible with all those fun colors and pinches of vintage ness here and there but the pink one is lovely!the textures, the colors and the lettering are all brilliant!

    I am a twelve year old and I would love if you could drop by my blog !

    Your new follower,


  11. What a transformation! I liked the first version anyway, but I like where you went with it and how you let some of it still peek through. Thanks for sharing all those photos - love seeing the page build up. And thanks for joining us at Art Journal Cafe for this challenge. Like you, I have several other candidates of pages needing saving!

  12. I love how you can see some peeks of the original page on your finished work. Really lovely. Love really does hold the universe together!


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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