Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sweet friends,
I have taken a short break since the day I ruined my blog header, LOL. So I made these self-soothe pages;

I'm using washi tapes and old page from a storybook as background. Didn't use paint, just yellow wax crayon, red glimmer  mist and black india ink for colors. Scribbled a little bit with blue pen & black sharpie.

I hope you could see the ink-soaked paper doily there :).

Tomorrow, I'll announce two lucky new owners of my watercolor postcards. Good luck everyone :). See you then!.


  1. Lovely pages Shahrul! They MUST have made you feel better!!! Hugs,

  2. Great pages.... yes I can spot the doiley!!!

    Love the colours and the great butterfly stamp.


  3. It's sensational! The ink soaked doiley almost eluded me, so thank you for making me take note of it...that's classy and elegant. :)
    Another textural buffet of eye candy!
    Lisa xx

  4. You always have such wonderful pages my friend, full of color and inspiration. Love all the bright reds on here and the pop of yellow. Great stamp!! Hope this page helped you feel better, I did like your new header, sorry something happened with it. HUGS!!

    p.s. I got my fingers crossed for the giveaway!

  5. Ahhhh- these pages are so alive! We all should self sooth more often I think.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting- had a wonderful workshop with Michael deMeng this weekend.

  6. These are gorgeous! Love the horizontal yellow drip lines and the way your letters stand out. So much to ogle. And yes, I see that doily!

  7. many things to see the brightness of this page
    That black ink on the doily looks great!! Cantekkk!!


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