Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Mismatched Mini Album

I like to share a custom order made for a friend who just celebrated their 3rd year anniversary & Valentine's Day.

It was another mismatched mini album, and this time 
I added lots of romance & love 'mood' in the craftmanship. I chose a very soft blue color theme, used many pattern papers with romantic letter prints and hearts. Frills & burlap flowers for embellishment. I also created a pocket with a blank love letter, so that my friend could write something for his Juliet. A sweet surprise!. I can't help it but created a mini tag book inside this mini album. Love is in the air.

If you have noticed, I'd used the original design from 'Domestic Goddess' mini album that I created for my late mother. Posted about it earlier this month. For this mini album, I simply tweaked the size of the papers and used cool color embellishments. Just dressed the album a little bit more girlish.

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