Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twilight Altered Photo Frame

This February @ Scrappingville, there will be lots of delightful projects coming up. We're celebrating LOVE in many ways, one of it is by creating projects inspired from the Twilight Saga.

I have shared and recently displayed some of my personal collection of Twilight-theme scrapbook projects at the store. Sharon Yong (Scrappingville's scrapbook/mixed-media artist cum owner) has dedicated a special place to display layouts, mini albums & all Twilight novels/movie companions to help inspire visitors to create art around the beautiful love story. I'll share some pictures of the new decor soon.

I have another altered project that I forgotten to blog about. It was a simple altered photo frame I made when Twilight movie first came out. This project revolves around what I thought Edward must have felt after James attacked Bella in Phoenix.

Here is what it looks like;

First I painted a wooden IKEA's photo frame with a few
coats of bronze acrylic paint and stamped with doilies
& tree branches images. For me, the tree branches are reminiscence of Bella's meadow. 

Edward says; "Bella, I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you". How sweet is that?? "It was impossible ... to stop. But I did. I must love you" - Edward.

After the frame is completed, I then created a 4" X 6" montage made of Edward-Bella magazine clippings and some romantic silver rub-ons. Lastly, I stapled a metal string (salvaged from a necklace) to the frame. Maybe it is perfect to hang this frame up on the little antique bronze tree at our Twilight corner. 



  1. Can't wait to see more works on twilight! A reminder for me to work on the frame! Great job on painting and stamping !

  2. Hey Nida, I think I'm going to work on 'Breaking Dawn' project next....can't wait myself.


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