Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nothing But The Blue Sky

Hi there. I'm creating this layout inspired by Lets Capture These Sketches' latest sketch, Sketch #120.

... Sketch #120.

I've been meaning to crop about THE amazing sunny afternoon which I spent playing tourist earlier this year. We have been experiencing many afternoons & evenings with very bad thunderstorms. They often created traffic jams, freak mini tornadoes (yup, with uprooted trees and stuff) and bad, bad flash floods in the city. 

And after a few days or so, we would have very sunny afternoons. This is the layout to capture one of those beautiful days when the sky were blue with very little patches of clouds. I took my camera and went sightseeing downtown, right smack where the tourists hang out. I had fun.

The title 'Nothing But The Blue Sky' came from a song, maybe? or so I thought. The teal colored flower previously adorned a headband.

I liked how this quick & simple layout turn out. 
Till the next post. Happy creating. 



  1. Such a lovely layout with fun details!!!

    1. Thanks Kirsty. I felt free & easy, making this LO. Such fun.

  2. great layout! there was a song 'Nothing But the Radio On' though...hehehe...


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