Wednesday, February 8, 2012

B is for Bella!

Hi. Last night I was looking for some more things/projects to decorate our 'Twilight tree' @ Scrappingville. And I found this!. An old project of mine, the letter 'B' for Bella. 
Sorry, no 'E' for Edward though.

I thought it was such a good idea (then), to make a wall decor out of alphabets. At that time, I was into the vampire-human-love theme, and particularly looking for big wooden letters B & E. So, I was pleased to have found it at my favorite store Art Friends. I wished they have a bigger one.

I started out by painting the wooden letter with some acrylic paint (cream for the front, purple for the back) and decoupaged on some roses from tissue papers. I was trying to make the design looked more gothic, like 'dark-mysterious-girl-with-tattoo' thing. So I stamped all over it with black intricate floral patterns on all sides, especially on the roses. 

I glued on a skeleton key (it was a pendant) and a wooden heart (an earing) at the back. You know ... key to my heart, sort of :). Then added the 'ELLA' red stickers, the pearl strip and some rubons. Lastly, I tied up an old bracelet with the letter 'E' charm ('E' for Edward, mind you) and a silk ribbon to complete the project.

I really like to upcycle old things (or junk) & incorporate them in any artsy projects that I'm working on; be it scrapbook layouts, mini albums or simple altered project such as this one. Such joy. 
Happy creating!



  1. Oh I LOVE this project ... just gorgeous!! Just the kind of thing I would do myself ..LOL

    1. Hey Kelly. It is such a quick & fun project, you should try it. :))


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