Monday, April 8, 2013

long live my old shoes

Sweet friends,
I just saved my old favorite shoes!. It has a very sweet, floral fabric in-soles, which I love. If you know how to decoupage, you could save a million things, I tell ya. Made me wondered why haven't I done this sooner??. 

Sad, sad shoes.

I saw on Pinterest, a funky altered shoes recently. Inspired, I set to work on my dear shoes :). Just a few coats of mod podge and a piece of decorative tissue paper, they become new again :). Took me a mere 15 minutes to do this.

Getting ready for the make over. 

And here's the after; grungy look.
They're back on business :).

I'm like a mad scientist now, looking for things to decoupage on, LOL. To save, I mean. I have yet to try them on, maybe I'll wear them tomorrow :). A walk to the Orchid Garden nearby. See if they can take the rain. Have anyone tried this with fabric??. Do share :). See you soon. HUGS.


  1. Great makeover. Yes, I've recently decoupaged a pair of beach slippers. Will upload them later. But then I am not too sure I want to wear them. lol!

  2. I would have loved those shoes too-Darling!Fun project even if you never wear them,I would at least wear them around town or as slippers.Denise

  3. LOL....only you, chica, only you!! May I be so bold as to say, "NICE SAVE!" I'm really curious to know if they held up in the rain. I LOVE the new design to them. I never would have guessed that pattern with the polka dots, but's actually perfect. Very fun, very effective and get to continue to use your cherished pair of shoes. :)

  4. Love how the snippets of tissue have given your shoes a new and fun life! I'm anxious to hear how they hold up in the rain :)

  5. What a great idea!!! Love it!

  6. and that is just so very sweet! let me know if it can take the rain... i might wanna work out on my old shoes too...:)

  7. You always come up with the most creative ideas. These look great.

    Hope you are enjoying your week so far my friend.


  8. You are so creative Shahrul, now your old shoes looks like the hippest design in town, LOVE!

  9. You are the most creative person I know, Shahrul!!!!! I can't believe that you made your old shoes new again! And I love the look of your "new" shoes! They are so cool!

  10. What a fantastic idea! Love your creativity! Your old 'new' shoes are pretty cool!


  11. ooohhh how fun these are! I like the way you added new life to them, old compfy shoes are so hard to get rid of. You are so creative and have great ideas for everything. Keep at it my friend!!

    Happy to be back from Disney and catch up with you again!!


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