Friday, March 8, 2013

hanky seed pockets

Sweet friends,
With Spring coming up so soon, may I influence you into a little gardening? :). Well, the fact that I live in a warm country I have more reasons to do so, am I ?. [Taking some baby steps here :)].

A few months back, I found these floral handkerchiefs at a local chinese store. I love vintage hankies but they are hard to come by. These ones are just as cool to make fabric journals or even simple curtains. Nothing too precious :). Today, I'm sharing a fun, easy, early Spring project with you ... seed pockets made of handkerchiefs and old book pages!. Perfect as gifts or to simply amuse yourself :).

I love the naive flower prints on them.

I used three pieces of hankies for making the seed pocket pouch. I simply folded them into half and then another half to create folders/inserts.

Stacked a few and sewed in the middle. Patched up scrap fabrics, laces, buttons and ribbons on the pockets. I used elastic string & a large button for closure. Lastly, decorated the covers with silk roses, ribbons and tiny beads.

The complete project, measures 4.5" X 5".

Sweet hankies, LOVE the scallop edging stitches!.

The back.

I sewed tiny beads all over the back cover.

some at the spine.

and on the front cover.

More stitches for this gardening pouch.

The most fun part is adding the details on these pockets!.

Playing with soft green, yellow and orange colors for a change.

And the fun doesn't stop there. I made pockets for the seeds from old book pages and drew botanical illustrations on them. You could opt this out and use magazine images instead :).

Old book pages seed pockets, before being painted on.

Pockets with fun drawings on them.

My grandmother used to keep her vegetable seeds in folded, old newspapers. She and grandpa grew all the veges and fruits for our home cooking in the backyard. I used to help water her plants as a kid, and making these pockets brought back fond memories :).

I got all excited and felt a need to have another small treasure in our pockets. So I made garden markers from ice-cream sticks :). They don't bear the plants' botanical names but some powerful words for the plants. I first primed the sticks with gesso, then painted with green acrylic and stamped sweet words. 

Ice-cream sticks are great for garden stakes/markers.

Hopefully my plants grow happily next to their new toys :).

Will my cactus bloom now?. Oh, ones certainly could hope :).

Okay, that's all I have today. I'm off now to buy some seeds to fill up these pockets. Ha!. If you decided to spend some time in the garden soon, do share your potting projects or planting. If it's not snowing, of course :). Wishing you, Happy Earth Day in advance!. HUGS.


  1. You amaze me! This is beyond wonderful and stamped with your awesomeness EVERYWHERE. ;D

  2. Oh my Shahrul-your seed pocket books are PRECIOUS!!! I love all the pretty pretty details and your coordinating sketches are fab! You are so talented!!

  3. This project is amazing . . . you are so talented and creative. Gorgeous!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Connie :)

  4. How adorable this is, from the hankies to the marking sticks. WOW, you are so creative and talented my friend. I LOVE LOVE this so much, those book pages are the perfect thing for this cute garden album. How pretty this will look out on your table this summer!! All the pretty beads/trims/laces are beautiful Shahrul, so wonderful!!
    How much fun you had with those sticks I bet. They look great with your cactus, hope they will grow now.
    Enjoy the weekend, maybe some sunshine and sketching outside for you. HUGS!

  5. You create the most beautiful and charming things! I really enjoy your blog and all your lovely creations! I hope you don't mind, but I have awarded you a Liebster Blog award - find out more on my Blog. Please accept this award in the spirit that it has been given which is one of admiration and friendship.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy for this honor :). HUGS.

  6. WOW.. So many wonderful things to look at here today. I am in LOVE with your handkerchief book. What a fabulous idea. Every page is amazing.


  7. This is soooo sweet, and cute, and brilliant! Those hankies remind me of my childhood days!

  8. Can I just way one word about this post: LOVE!!!!! I love everything about it. I just LOVE old handkerchiefs and yours pictured here are amazing. The little book you made is just, well, just awe-inspiring!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh these are all so sweet .... I wish I had half your ideas my friend!! Did you get to eat the ice creams in order to get to the sticks?? LOL

    1. I certainly did, and still doing :). LOL. Every week I would take a walk with a Magnum vanilla in my hand. YUM. So I had to keep the covers & the sticks for some altered art, naturally. Thanks for liking this book!. HUGS.

  10. This is such a pretty project Shahrul! You do amazing things with fabric and paper.

    P/s: I love Magnum too! ;)

  11. fabulous idea! i should do this for my parents since they love gardening..hehe.. so cute...

  12. Another stunning mini album... totally unique and absolutely fabulous. I'm so glad I came by and caught up on your week. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Oh and I've meant to say the last few comments - thanks for sharing my giveaway!!

  13. awesome project but sayangnya the handkies all dah kena jahit.
    i love vintage hankies. Thanks for dropping by at my blog and leaving me a comment, yes the red Remington belongs to Sharon. It is gorgeous kan after make over...


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